City Of Heroes/Tabula Rasa/Lineage/Guild Wars All Coming To PS3?

NCSoft North America president Chris Chung has confirmed that the company are planning to port some of their major PC franchises across to the PS3, in addition to launching a brand new IP that will showcased later this year.

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Darkiewonder4670d ago

It's then or never. It's the year of Console MMO. it's make or break. but whatever. lol. I love MMO's. As long as it supports Keyboard/mouse for console I'll be a happy person.

zambrota4670d ago

I think at GDC the steam would be ignited by Smashbros /mgs4/Resistance 2 revelation since europe is pro-sony/pro-nintendo.

I seriously doubt whether Gears would be unveiled at GDC since xbox 360 doesnt sell in europe.

I am betting rather on a e3 unveiling where it could gain lot of hype since xbox 360 has a decent fanbase in north america

Expy4670d ago

It's not then or never at GDC there are future events where they can show them off/reveal them.

cloud360-7th_account4670d ago

PS3 Era 2008

Hapimeses4670d ago

I didn't know that NCSoft had an exclusive deal with Sony for the PS3 and PSN. That was news to me!


How did I miss that?

Anyway, thanks for linking to the story -- I'll be keen to see what makes it to the PS3 in the coming months.

Anego Montoya FTMFW4670d ago

just don`t give me such a hardtime about approval. lol

j/k (kinda)

Spike474670d ago

They announced it at E3. At firstI did'nt know what the heck was happening.

Nice, Now the ps3 can get some mmos too, yipeeeee i love mmos

Hapimeses4670d ago

They did? Dang, how did I miss that, huh?

I'm pretty excited to see what they come up with now -- I could do with some MMO goodness on my PS3.

Hades13374670d ago

If this were the case then the PS3 would be the definite MMO console, considering that The Agency is also being released this year.

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The story is too old to be commented.