1UP: The Surprising Sophistication of Gears of War Judgment

1UP writes: Gears of War! The poster child for this generation's steroid-ridden shoot-em-ups, filled with hokey action movie dialogue spouted by dudes whose limbs look like giant veiny tree trunks. The game where the heroes slapped chainsaws on the ends of their guns because bayonets weren't badass enough. The game whose next installment comes to us courtesy of People Can Fly, the studio responsible for Bulletstorm. Bulletstorm! Where f-bombs flew as fast as bullets and players got special Achievements for killing enemies with anal damage.

Sounds like a recipe for stupidity, right? But no. The truth is that beneath its musclebound appearance, Gears has always been a smartly designed series defined by inventive mechanics -- mechanics that may have become fairly rote by Gears 3, but which helped define the past generation of action games. Similarly, Bulletstorm buried some devastatingly inventive game design beneath a patina (more like a thick, armor-like layer) of frat boy posturi...

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Chuk52324d ago

Wow, the single player actually sounds awesome.

Why didn't you show any of this MS?