Keyboard And Mouse Control Coming To PS3 With XCM XFPS Rateup

XCMLive, the makers of the XCM XFPS Sniper 360 product which allows you to use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox 360 games have revealed to us that they are to release a similar product for the PS3 called the XFPS Rateup! The Rateup will allow for keyboard and mouse control on the PS3 which is particularly useful for FPS titles and is expected to go on sale on approximately February 20th at a price of under $100 (exact price to be confirmed). This product will make every game compatible with a keyboard and mouse as it automatically maps the controls.

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HelghastYid4666d ago

aight, keyboard + mouse = owning

heyheyhey4666d ago

cool hope it features a re-binder as automatic mapping sounds like it can turn out dodgy at times

press e,r,t,g,j,s,a and o at the same time to throw a grenade? no thanks

GIJeff4666d ago

sounds better than the fragFX. (which owns)

liquidsnake4666d ago

Will this device make any keyboard and mouse compatible to any game?