Review: Diablo III is well worth the wait -

There’s no denying that Diablo III had an extremely shaky launch. In the end though, Blizzard has put together a solid game worthy of the Diablo franchise.

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2321d ago Replies(2)
kevnb2321d ago

Diablo 3 is awesome, but we need the pvp!

hellvaguy2321d ago

Pvp will be coming at some point blizard has said. Have sum patience and it will come.

Hicken2321d ago

Get rid of the DRM, and I'm in.

allyc4t2321d ago

Game was totally worth the wait. I can't remember the last game I put 100 hours into so quick.

ThanatosDMC2321d ago

I disagree... but it's pointless.