PSP Just 1000 Units Behind DS in Japan

Ripten reports:

Website Media Create (only the console names are in English - scroll down to see the numbers) has recently posted the latest hardware data out of Japan and the Sony PSP is trailing behind the Nintendo DS Lite by a mere 1,210 units.

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Hapimeses4835d ago

Indeed, but it's still some pretty impressive numbers. I'll be a little surprised if the trend continues, however.


zambrota4835d ago

that will/might give PSP a permanent weekly lead over DS

I am hearing that people in Japan have really liked the pSP -tv connectivity and SKYPE might rise PSP sales twofold in Japan and remaining places

PS360WII4835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

MH2G will bring up sales probably. Yet even when MH1 and MH2 games came out it didn't increase the sales past DS. Only when Crisis Core came out did PSP beat DS in weekly sales for about a month

season0074835d ago

what matters is....people were saying PSP were dead like for couple years...and now it shows sony didn't make one mistake so far in all of their gaming consoles/handheld. the only thing it takes is time to prove it...

Orange4835d ago (Edited 4835d ago )

I just bought my PSP lite last night to complement my DS after finishing Portrait of Ruin (needed a castlevania fix). Didn't realize how beautiful the PSP is...Dracula X looks so amazing after coming off PoR and Dawn of Sorrow.

DrDreadlox4835d ago

When i first heard of the psp, i thought i would be amazing but I couldnt justify buying one for myself. That's until i read about all the interactivity between psp and ps3, i think that is the factor that could propel the psp to number 1.

Because now, im not only going to buy a PS3, but also a psp in the near future. The thing is that because of Uni, and student social life lol, I don't really have that much time for gaming. I still have a bunch of ps2 titles to work through. But with the ps3 - psp connectivity, i can use the psp to play games on the go when i get the chance, like on the bus or a boring lecture.

This would also mean that the lifetime of the psp would be extended to match that of the ps3, if not more.

Hapimeses4835d ago

Well, I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I love my PSPs (we have two in our house). Not only do I love the games (currently playing FF Tactics), but all the little extras make it an essential part of our multi-media household. I'll be interested to know if any of the recent sales of the PSP are influenced by the growing awareness of the connectivity between PSP and PS3. The remote play feature gets enormous use in our house -- simple things such as my wife being able to see the kids when she is in London on her PSP through the PS3's Playstation Eye are just too cool.


rawg4835d ago

I didn't know you could use the PSP to access the PS3 Eye. That's it. I'm finally getting a PSP.

PS360WII4835d ago

Yea takes time and games that are not ps2 ports. Glad Sony is finally making some good handheld games for the PSP.

The next battle the PSP has is game sales. They are starting to move some nice numbers for the handheld but still no one is buying games other than Crisis Core and Monster Hunter.

Marceles4835d ago

Wow that's really damn good. For a minute I thought it was lifetime sales lol...

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The story is too old to be commented.