LittleBIGPlanet Vita - Amazon gives a more specific release date

According to Amazon Germany, LittleBIGPlanet for PlayStation Vita will be released in late September.

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Snookies123419d ago

I... Want... This...

I really really hope it has all the levels from LBP 1 and 2, like that rumor suggested. If so, it'll be so freaking amazing.

GribbleGrunger3419d ago

i'm getting sick of these dates. let's just wait for the official announcement

brew3418d ago

June - Gravity Rush
July - ?
August - Sound Shapes
September - LittleBigPlanet
October - Assassins Creed III Liberation

Acquiescence3418d ago

There's not a whole lot going on in September in terms of game releases, so this should fill the gap. Can't wait to play some LBP on my Vita - all the feedback from the beta has been very positive.

NBT913418d ago

Wasnt even ware there was a beta, I remember getting an email about PSVita betas though... Think I deleted it.

The game does sound good, loved the first one and just recently got the 2nd one free from PS+, and while I could never see myself making anything more than simple platformers... Some of the user created levels blew my mind. One guy had recreated the AC-130 sequence from Call of Duty, another had re created Titanic in stunning detail.

It is a game well suited to the Vita though, and I hope "" works with it, that way we could use the Vita web browser to make a queue of good levels and go straight into the game and play them with LBPme still running. Will be interesting to see how they make use of the many Vita control methods.

3418d ago
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