Microsoft: ‘You Do Not Want’ an Xbox Smash Bros. Clone

Kotaku writes: Sony PlayStation will soon have a Smash Bros. clone, a game called PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale that lets its most famous characters beat each other up. Why? Because it was a great idea when Nintendo first let Mario, Link, Samus and the rest of its best heroes beat each other up.

Surely, Microsoft should join the fray and make their own?

No way, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft Game Studios told me during an interview at E3.

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Cajun Chicken2412d ago

They don't have ENOUGH characters for a SSMB like game...of course they don't want one.

Snookies122412d ago

Well I think they MIGHT have enough, it's just that they don't really fit the part if you ask me...

darthv722412d ago

this isnt something MS want to do a "look at us, we have one too" kind of game. Nintendo did it right at the right time.

Sony is obviously going after the same market with their version but it needs to really be something different and compelling to set it apart. Otherwise it will be typecast as the smash bros clone like it is being referred to.

dangert122412d ago


IMO A few new Sony IPs are straight out of Nintendo's page with a touch of sony taking it far past Nintendos originals I.E

Modnation > Mario Kart
LBP > Mario Bro's

FlashXIII2412d ago


How on earth do you compare LBP to Mario?

8bit_Nes_Rambo2412d ago

Frothing, insanity-fueled syphillis. That's how.

sjaakiejj2412d ago


Sony and Nintendo own different segments of the market. Playstation All Stars isn't made as a system seller, but as a replacement for SSB for those that don't have a Nintendo Console. I don't think they need anything that makes it different, it just needs to be just as good.

SuperLupe2412d ago

I dont know why some people in here are getting so hurt.

Its true, I dont know a single 360 owner who would want a SSMB clone for the 360.

Its great and all if PS3 gamers want it, but the 360 crowd wouldn't want one.

And the excuse "they dont have enough characters anyway" is crap. Otherwise tell me why Sony is uing so many 3rd party characters if they have enough 1st party characters ?

cpayne932412d ago

Beyond the fact that they are in the same genre, mario bros and lbp are pretty different.

cpayne932412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Your kidding right? I'm pretty freakin sure that guy was just messing around. You just happened to take him seriously. Now THIS guy just made a dumb comment, plain and simple.

Edit: stupid phone I was replying to DK286K below. :/

Rainstorm812412d ago


by looking at 360 supporters'comments on this site, they dont want new first party ips, clones or otherwise, since its late in the generation, as long as forza halo, and gears continue to be good games and the multiplats keep coming they are happy

Biggest2412d ago

"Frothing, insanity-fueled syphillis. That's how."

I'm sending you my hospital bill, 8bit. I think I laughed my kidneys off.

SilentNegotiator2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

I-do-not-want-an-xbox-beat-em- u-

*Shakes off hypnosis*

...wha....Hey!! Not cool, Microsoft! Stop telling me what I do/not want

EVILDEAD3602412d ago

Just not the kind of game that would make sense on the 360.

I said it the day those articles came out pondering if there could even be a 360 Smash clone.

Who would even care? The only way 360 owners would pay attention to it is if it was an XBLA title. No way would an Xbox inspired Smash-type fighter succeed at full retail.

I'd rather them have an original game from Twisted Pixel or experiences like Trials Evolution than waste their time on that endeavor..


Knushwood Butt2412d ago

Microsoft: ‘You want more Kinect shovelware'.

cooperdnizzle2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

@ SuperLupe.
Yes dude 360 owners don't want a SSB game. You guys are happy with Kinect. Have fun with that. Go dance around or something.

Piegoose2412d ago

I would agree that Sony is trying to copy SSB, but what's wrong with doing so since there isn't any other game like it on playstation? And I really doubt every xbox 360 player wouldn't be interested in a SSB game, it's just talk.

JokesOnYou2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

He's right I don't know anyone who would be excited about an Xbox version of smash brothers= commercial failure, and No, core 360 gamers like me don't want anymore kinect shovelware either (even though there's a few good ones) but the logic that because they are making alot of kinect games nobody wants so why not add to it with a smash brothers clone game that nobody wants is just a stupid comment that only a Sony fanboy would think of.

I'll say it again for the 1000th time, micro doesn't need to be like Sony, wrpg's, LBP, Motostorms, R&C, Twisted Metal, Heavy Rain/Beyond, etc are decent games but just not my cup of tea, just like 99% of 360's kinect lineup is too much like Nintendo= I'm not interested, they need to get back on track with a few more new core IP's and keep the stuff like Halo, Forza,Gears, Alan Wake, a better Too Human, a better non cell shaded crackdown, a better Ninja Gaiden type IP, and of course the great multiplats with the best online service= this is why I brought a 360, and prefer it over ps3, if I wanted them to mimic what ps3 lineup offers then I should just have brought a ps3, actually the only ps3 game they need to clone and make an exclusive IP for is Uncharted, UC2 is my favorite out of the few ps3 games I brought, thats the kind of game that will do well on 360, for now it looks like Tomb Raider will definitely fill that void, KZ2 was good too, but micro has shooters covered pretty well.

BinaryMind2411d ago

Microsoft: "But for us it's really going to be to try to innovate."

Do go on Microsoft how your trifecta of Halo, Forza, and Fable franchises continue to innovate gaming.

sikbeta2411d ago

MS, invest more in first party games and then we talk ;)

P_Bomb2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

So many 3rd party charachters? Like what, Big Daddy? Obviously Ken Levine and 2K wanted in. They thought it was a good enough idea to license their IP out. Would you say no to the creator of BioShock? Why would Sony?

StreetFighter VS Capcom, StreetFighter VS Tekken, Marvel VS Capcom, Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe. Phil Spencer had no problem letting those mash ups do business on the 360. Only reason he's vocal now is because its an exclusive on a rival system.

In that regard, his 'innovation' pretension is transparent. MS had no problem positioning Forza to be the XBox answer to Gran Turismo, or Shadow Complex comping Metroid with the voice of Nathan Drake.

pixelsword2411d ago

Alan Wake Vs Master Chief:


*Alan shines a flashlight at Cheif*

*Chief shoots Alan in the head*


tokugawa2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

microsoft are lying.. there is a leaked screen of the players on-line

check it out

gam3fr33k2411d ago

@ SuperLupe

Are you retarded or something? What third party character has been announced besides Big Daddy?

ThanatosDMC2411d ago

They'll probably copy Sony's book. I mean, wasnt that what they were touting to have for kinect?

lelouche662411d ago

@super lupe

if u dont know anyone how'd want ssb then whats with all the damn kinnectimal and muppet babies games coming out lol. gimmie a break

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GamingPerson2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

You tell them MS! Original IPs, Frits Party games, free multiplayer, games who needs it!? Halo 5 in development! yeah! /s

Why disagree? I am agreeing with MS's why of business.

even pc has a version with in game streaming!

poor xbox always left out.

But when it comes to AAA dlc xbox owns! lol.

BlmThug2412d ago

Well sorry for MS not wanting to blatantly rip off Nintendo's idea

LaChance2412d ago

Wow you seem very hurt, its true, BR is a straight SSMB rip-off and 360 gamers dont want that.

cjflora2412d ago

Yes, Microsoft never caches in on the success of others. *Cough*Kinect*Couch*

Seriously though, the reason the 360 is going downhill this gen is because Microsoft is putting so much focus on cashing in on the Wii's success they've all but abandoned the "hardcore" gamers.

andibandit2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

*Cough* Wonderbook, Move, 4billion$ deficit *Cough*

BusterFang2412d ago

It's funny that people act like no one else has "ripped off" of the Super Smash Bros genre. I mean there was an article that listed games for people that were set the same way.

And that isn't even all of the clones, there's a few more. xD

Rainstorm812412d ago

Andibandit, what does Wonderbook ripoff?

kikizoo2411d ago

"ripp off" ...

like halo for unreal tournamant ?
like forza for gran turismo ?

etc etc etc etc

it's a problem only when sony is doing it, poor fanboytrolls :)

by the way, when nintendo is making the same game gain and again each generation (kart, tennis, etc) it's great, but when sony add the same kind of game (but better) + tons of exclusives, it should be a problem ? lol, you are pathetics.

dcbronco2411d ago


"Andibandit, what does Wonderbook ripoff?"

Most likely the customer.

FFXI1012411d ago


I guess we could say the samething about MS's customer who purchase the early model of 360 and people who bought the kinect right?

pixelsword2411d ago

SSB ripped off KoF, the first game to mash-up fighters from other games.

And Mugen.

The end. :P

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Hovis2412d ago

I'm pretty sure they do.

However the list would be ridiculous. They would have to dig so deep into their history and franchises that we probably wouldn't recognise more then half the cast.

black9112412d ago

Name Every EXCLUSIVE Character Microsoft could use?

indubitably2412d ago

Sony isn't using only exclusives, a great deal of them are multiplatform. Big Daddys from Bioshock are more of an xbox exclusive if anything since it released for it first. Thats like putting shepard in it, I guess it works but that is still more Microsoft than sony

Tainted Gene2411d ago

Solid Snake first appeared on a Microsoft platform as well: the MSX system with "Metalgear"

it was then released on the Famicom in Japan and NES in the US.

So by that logic Snake, like Bioshock and Mass Effect, was originally a Microsoft sys. IP

P_Bomb2411d ago

More MS than Sony?

1) BioShock had *exclusive* DLC on the PS3.

2) BioShock Infinite has *exclusive* Move support, not Kinect. Also slated to include a free copy of BioShock 1, *exclusively* for the PS3.

3) BioShock's Big Daddy a playable charachter in the *exclusive* PS3 AllStars Battle Royale.

How does that add up to MS?

palaeomerus2411d ago



Kameo + Conker + Killer Instinct + Banjo And Kazooie + anything else Rare owns like Grabbed by the Ghoulies

Artan and the Nightcaster

Otogi, Chrome Hounds mechs, Ken Ogawa (if From allows it)

Various Ninety Nine Nights characters

The squad from Brute Force

Alicia The Bulletwitch

The three Gun Valkyrie characters

Crackdown Agent

Panzer Dragoon characters

Gears of War Locust and cogs characters

Several Halo related Characters including covenant, Flood, ODST's, Cortana, Guilty Spark, and spartans

Kaim or other characters from Endless Odyssey

A Kinectimal or two

Julius from Saint's Row (undead with his face half blown off!)

Balder from Too Human (SK can probably use the money!)

The Gunstringer, 'Splosion Man, Captain Smiley

That's just off the top of my head. Now I don't want that, but then I can't imagine anybody wanting Sony's cheap looking thing with Sweet Tooth fighting the Fat princess and Parappa either. I think Sony was dumb to do it.

pixelsword2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

I can do it, I think:

1 Baldur Too Human
2 Banjo-Kazooie
3 Kaim, Lost Odyssey
4 Chief, of course
5 a few people from DoA
7 Joanna Dark from Perfect Dark
8 The Roman, whomever he is, from Ryse
9 foxclaw, others from Small Arms
10 Bullet Witch
11 The Cop from Crackdown
12 Bullwinkle and/or Rocky
13 a few people from Ninety-Nine Nights
14 a rabbit from raving rabbids
15 people from that new game called "new gods"
16 Don King from Don King's prizefighter (but don't be surprised if he takes most of the profit, Microsoft)

I don't think Sony was dumb for doing it, on the contrary; Sony is smart for both doing it AND still cranking out hardcore games. Microsoft's dropping the ball hard on that one.

InTheZoneAC2411d ago

-Master Chief
-Alan Wake
-race car driver with helmet and a forza logo

That's 2, TWO!!!

People trying to change the subject to, "wahhh, well sony's doing multiplat too!!!! wahhhh!!!", need to realize sony has:

-sweet tooth
-nathan drake
-(any repeat villains from the series above)
-any MGS character
-any former/current twisted metal character

they could also do spyro, gex, crash bandicoot, anyone from kindgom hearts, cloud, etc...

what does MS have?

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andrewsqual2412d ago

Lol @darthv72 You don't seem to understand. THEY COULDN'T DO ONE. "derp even they could". Who would make it? I'm sure if Rare wasn't on Mii avatar duty they could make a Microsoft Brawl game with exclusive RE6, South Park and COD DLC for characters but they are also a bit busy with Sports Kinect 3.

JoGam2412d ago

But they do, Its called Halo.

StreetsofRage2412d ago

They have enough. If sony can bring random characters from ps2 like pappa rappa, than microsoft can bring conker or blinx the timecat or all those other mascots.

Tainted Gene2411d ago

that's actually kinda cool.

VideoGameJimmy2411d ago

Conker first appeared on Nintendo 64 and two more times on Nintendo systems. Only once on the Xbox.

hellztourguide4202412d ago

Agreed. An Xbox Smash Bros clone would absolutely suck large amounts of ass.

rickhunter892411d ago

if its a girls ass im all for it !

Queasy2412d ago

I put together a roster of 30 characters back in May pretty easily.

Note though that I said this is something I hope Microsoft never does.

solid_si2411d ago

i dont think many xbox fans would give a toss about SMB clone that sony is making.

XBOX 360 fans mostly prefer shooters...end of

GameOn2411d ago

fans of both hd consoles mainly prefer shooters. Didn't you realise?

Unlimax2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

@GameOn Huh !?

Have you ever played J/RPG's or Horror Titles on Playstation system Since the PS1 !!

I guess you are wrong and you should think twice before posting this comment .. Playstation Gaming industry "is not" been made for Call of duty ... or even Halo !?

schlanz2411d ago

Master Chief
Alan Wake
Marcus Fenix

Ok you win

dcbronco2411d ago (Edited 2411d ago )

Or they may not want to be another me too company.

All of this nonsense about the core market and now Sony fanboys complain when MS don't want to make another casual game.

Damned if you do, Damned if you don't. No winning with fanboys. Fanboys are the 2nd definition of insanity that Vaas didn't get to mention.

shinrock2411d ago

360 fans don't want a ssb clone.even if M$ had a good amount of character's to work with. a game like that is only 4 the most mature gamer, ones found on ps3,right?

TruthSeeker2411d ago

thats the most agrees ive ever seen on this site lol!

xtremeimport2411d ago

Chief vs marcus vs that bloke from Fable.

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Shok2412d ago

They don't have enough variety in characters to really do it. 75% of their roster would be characters using GUNS. It'd be hard to make movesets for Chief, Arbitor, Marcus, etc when they all pretty much do the same thing.

shoddy2412d ago

Are you all saying xbox only have shoota?

ronin4life2412d ago

Unless they made a cross over SHOOTER GAME!!!! OoO
That would make the most sense, and yet I don't really see that happening either....^_^;

insomnium22412d ago

They should make several versions of master chief and Marcus Fenix like where one version wears a skirt so that would make like 4 characters already. Throw in Forza and they are good to go.

BertlSenix2411d ago


There was once a Jackie Chan fighting game
It had like 12-20 Characters and EVERYONE was a different Jackie Chan.
Characters that Jackie Chan played in his movies through his career.

Exactly this would be 360 SMB cause they don't have any normal characters.
ONly Gorillas on Steroids with Guns LOL
Always the same stupid characters with a different outfit.

PS : Rare can't make any games cause they are busy with wasting their potential at Kinect crapgames xDD

Kurylo3d2412d ago (Edited 2412d ago )

Technically microsoft does own RARE...
So probably wouldnt be that bad a problem if you can bring in cast from killer instinct... Though rare probably has no rights on donkey kong country or diddy kong racing... even if they made em.

No to mention you could probably toss in the dead or alive cast.

Even though.. id rather keep it mature.. stop trying to make adult characters into a kiddy game. Thats where sony is going wrong.

I mean why the hell do i want the clown from twisted metal fighting sack boy .. or kratos fighting parapa the rappa