5 reasons why Sony nailed its E3 press conference's Mike Harradence writes:

"Sony’s E3 presser has come and gone for another year, and once again, it proved as polarizing as ever. Just have a quick butcher’s at numerous Internet forums and websites and you’ll be able to digest a plethora of razor-edged critique from disgruntled gamers and died-in-the-wool optimists alike, which is where we come in with our stab at Sony’s offering. In many ways, the press conference – fronted once again by eager-to-please SCEA overlord Jack Tretton – was everything we wanted and didn’t want."

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jnatalzia2350d ago

Did you see the WonderBook?

darthv722349d ago

I believe sony did nail their E3 conference. they showed off what they intended to show and were genuinely supportive of their content.

As far as the reception goes, gamers and journalists may not agree with them but it was their show and their decision to make.

Sony set out to demonstrate new things and show off more footage for games we knew about and for that they really nailed it.

fucadastates2349d ago

did you see all the nongaming newspapers, sits and mags that had feuters on sonys wounderbook?
no nintendo, no microsoft. only sony. this because of wounderbook (or more likley the nam J.K.Rowling).

and the sony stock went up

Squall50052349d ago

There's a big casual gaming market and any company would be stupid to not try to take advantage of it.

Concidering Harry Potter is one of the most popular book and movie series in the world, and Sony have gotten J.K Rowling involved, I'm pretty sure there's going to be a lot of kids wanting the WonderBook.

Like 'fucdastates' said, it's already getting a lot of attention in the newspapers and what not.

I personally have no interest in the product. And I'm guessing a site like N4G will be full of people that aren't into casual or educational games aimed at the younger generation. But I'm sure that Harry Potter sites and forums will be excited about it.

At the end of the day, you don't have to take an interest in it, nor do you have buy it. PS3 has got loads of great titles coming out over the next year, so there's nothing to worry about. Everyone's happy.

andibandit2349d ago

Most of your arguments are generic, i could replace "Sony" with either Ninty or MS, and it would still be true. And in that case they ALL nailed it.

but i have to disagree, i dont think any of them nailed it. In Sony's case with all the buildup of expectations i have to say what Sony showed was acceptable but FAR FROM "Nailed it".

Gamer19822349d ago

Wonderbook will sell millions to the casual market and H.P fans.


I don't think any one "nailed" the press conference, maybe Ubisoft, but because of one game alone...

Now, if we look at E3 as a whole, specially the show floor, Sony did very good indeed.

pixelsword2349d ago

Yeah; Sony "won" it; no doubt there. I thought Microsoft would have some super surprise, and Nintendo would have a "next-gen" console showing but Sony had all of the cards.

The other two weren't even close this year.

da_2pacalypse2349d ago

Sony's press conference was disappointing. I thought they would have the best conference, but they didn't have any vita stuff, the had that stupid wonderbook, and they only had two things i was interested in (beyond and last of us).

Ubisoft won this year, by default!

Worst E3 EVAR! lol

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MrMister2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

@ jnatalzia:

It's just ONE game. But two can play that game: Did you see Usher dancing at Xbox's conference? Or did you see even ONE good Nintendo 1st party game other then (maybe) Pikmin 3? Is your body ready?

Anyway, wonderbook is something that looks like it is exciting for children and Harry Potter/J.K. Rowling fans. It wasn't intended for anyone else. And it is a complex technology that they were trying to explain (at least for non-ps move/eye owners), so that's probably why the guy talked so much. Any way, the game doesn't bother me. Sony is already giving us hardcore gamers over 20 exclusives, and your gonna cry just because of ONE game that's made for Kids? Either your not a PS3 owner who's appreciative of all the OTHER great games we're getting, or You just hate kids and lost all memory of your own innocent days as a child. I like the idea of a children's game coming out. I mean, when grown folks play games so much, that they don't even get off of it to let their own kids play a game made for them, then it's a sad day.

P.S. My girlfriend is a HUGE Potter, Rowling and PS move fan (maybe i'll finally read it myself this summer), and was very excited by wonderbook (not me so much though), and will likely like hardcore games like Assassin's Creed 3 liberation (a beautiful, minority, female hero during a historical piece) and Beyond: Two Souls by Quantum Dreams. Does that make her lame that she should like a game that you don't like? Grow up.

dcbronco2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )


I'm assuming you and all of the agrees for you are Xbox and Nintendo fans. That thing was directed at the kids casual market which I thought Sony people hated.

The main thing the average Sony N4G fan should be looking forward to is Beyond. I don't own a PS3. But that makes me want one. Where Heavy Rain looked like one continuous QTE. That looks like(and from what the devs have said)and sounds like it is going to be a real game. Wonderbook, like Kinect, doesn't interest me. But at least Kinect has potential to interest me was they upgrade it and as a controller.

blackbeld2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Sony won it with the PSN PLUS!!!!!

As a plus subscriber I am Very Very Happy with FREE AAA Full Games!!!

I just download inFamous 2, LBL2, Darksiders, Warhammer, Mototstorm Apocalyps and Firtual Fighter 5 for free!!!

Now next month we will get another 3 free games.

Wow every month 3 full games.


DFogz2349d ago

3 full games every month!? Not doubting you, but where'd you hear that from? I only ask because I can't believe they started this program with so many free games, and I figured they'd cut it back to one a month or a few games at once every couple of months.

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Oldman1002349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

At first I thought the title read "5 reasons why Sony FAILED its E3 press conference". I glanced through the article and was like wtf? I guess I'm just so used to seeing negative articles about sony. xD


I'm talking about all the flamebait articles submitted for hits lol.

Bladesfist2349d ago

negativity about sony on n4g, lol.

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