Counter Strike and Everquest forbidden in Brazil

The Brazilian State of Goias Court of Law has forbidden local retailers to sell the games Counter Strike and Everquest. This is a federal justice matter according to the Brazilian legislation, making this decision valid at all national territory.

Everything begun with a Counter Strike mod (distributed over the internet) where drug dealers kidnap a United Nations official and the Brazilian elite police start a violent rescue operation. The mod features a "forbidden" sound track with Brazilian funk praising the criminals.

Regarding Everquest, the Customer Protection Authority (PROCON) comment is: "Everquest brings the player to heavy psychology conflicts at each mission that can be for good or evil objectives".

The original news can be found bellow in Portuguese.

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LJWooly4666d ago

That's a shame for Brazilians, CS is one of the greatest online games ever made. CS: Source is even better.

As for Everquest, well, I've never played it.

Diugu4666d ago

That is too bad. Hopefully this wont last long.