UGO Gamesblog: Most Anticipated in 2008: PlayStation 3

The coming year is sure to be a strong one for Sony. How strong can it really be though? The full extent of the company's much-talked about 10-year-plan for the PlayStation 3 is starting to reveal itself. Blu-ray integration into the console was a masterstroke as sales numbers spurred higher by the guaranteed gamer install base surely played a role in recent development which have all but sealed HD-DVD's fate. And the games… oh the games that are coming to delight PS3 owners the world over. Sony has a strong edge here as well, with more than a few console-exclusive which are pretty much guaranteed million-plus-sellers.

UGO Gamesblog continues their series of "Most Anticipated in 2008" features by platform with the second of six installments. Feature by Adam Rosenberg.

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Darkiewonder4663d ago

Definitely will have much more media coverage this year. Just wondering which Site will get it first.

resistance1004663d ago

InFamous, Killzone2, Metal Gear Solid 4, HAZE, Heavy Rain and Resistance 2 are top of my list =D