Diehard Gamefan: E3 2012 Impressions: Lollipop Chainsaw (Microsoft Xbox 360/Sony Playstation 3)

DHGF: Do you ever have one of those days where everything seems like it’s going perfectly, and all of a sudden, a horde of zombies makes a mess of things? Well, neither have I, but such is the premise of Lollipop Chainsaw. Juliet Starling was biking her way to school only to see it savaged and in ruins courtesy of the walking dead. Not to worry though, as her duffel bag carries a chainsaw for just such an occasion, and it’s off to punish the undead.

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from the beach2349d ago

"At the end, you are treated to a cutscene that is played up in a serious manner and then transforms into a hysterical bit surrounding a game mechanic that was sadly not present during this portion of the game."

Shoehorned-in 2D shooting section confirmed!

Gillian_Seed2345d ago

I would not be at all mad at that. Probably.