E3 2012: IGN’s Verdict


As gamers, we idolize the past and we worship the future. It’s the present that we tend to treat shabbily.

And this is the weird dynamic that shapes our view of E3. We expect the show to sell us a better future, one where games are more fun, better looking, more imaginative. We are not content for E3 to merely provide more access to games that look a lot like the ones we've already played.

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Walker2419d ago

So Sony is the Winner !

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darthv722419d ago

how the two sides differ when it comes to these shows.

By sides i am referring to the industry vs the gamers/jurnos.

To be fair, each company seemed genuinely excited for the content they were showing. Obviously the gamers/jurnos see it differently than them but this show is about them not US.

We let our own hype and expectations overshadow the reality of what is being given to us. that is just human nature but we treat these displays of content with such disrespect.

I saw plenty of titles i had never seen before and was quite impressed at the games that look appealing to me. I dont view one company as a clear cut winner in this expo. If there is a winner to be crowned then it would be the gamers.

There is something for everyone and that seems to have been the goal for all presenters at this expo.

Grimhammer002419d ago


How very pacifist of you.

Reality is different than the super cuddly world you described. Sony only barely won...winning, is whether expectations for potential purchases were met or not.

WiiU is a disaster. I could go into the details of you'd like.

MS are running the opposite direction than the one that got them to this point. Kinect & media is now MS directive. 3-4 exclusives are not enough.

Sony knows gamers want more games. Though not nessecaryily new ips. But the wonder book ...yikes!
(to be's really for young children.)

darthv722419d ago

levelheaded when it comes to things. I dont disagree that there were points that were questionable but it is all about appeal. Obviously what appeals to one may not appeal to another. That isnt a cuddly world as that is the reality of it.

MS showing off the smart glass was a surprise to me. It at least shows the MS knows the world around us is so entrenched with smart phones and tablets that they are wanting to find a way to keep the 360 relevant.

Nintendo and the wii-u is all about the controller. Much like the wiimote was to the wii prior. Its the evolution of the platform not so much the revolution.

Sony and the wonderbook...yeah its geared to kids. Kids are gamers too. It may not appeal to me but my kids enjoy that psp game invizimals which is another AR type of game. Nothing wrong with that.

There is much more we havent seen. There are other game shows to be had and more reveals to be made. Just because you didnt see something at this e3 doesnt mean there wont be something at gamescom or TGS that appeals. These companies have a strategy to releasing information and we as the consumer want it all and we want it now but we just have to be patient.

MacDonagh2419d ago

What? You gamers think that you deserve to have a decent conference, brimming with games and not gimmicks?

Y'all have entitlement issues. j/k

Hicken2418d ago

Wanting games on our game consoles was entitled? Who knew? lol