Home Tycoon Brings Sim City to PlayStation Home

Push Square: "Tucked away in the upstairs section of the PlayStation Home E3 booth is an area dedicated to the spaces coming soon to Sony’s virtual world. One of the new activities featured is Home Tycoon, a simulation title in development at Hellfire Games."

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Emilio_Estevez2375d ago

I watched the trailer for this in Home last night and was pretty impressed.

Vitalogy2375d ago

It impresses but unfortunately I can see this hving the same fate as the rest of them mini-games on Home which is full of bugs/glitches and not even being fixed -.-

I do hope I'm wrong though but history plays in my favour.

negroguy2375d ago

Went into home last week to check it out and i've been going back on a daily basis since. It has really changed a lot. Nothing to go crazy over but it's great to hang out when you have time.

get2sammyb2375d ago

Home is really cool now in my opinion. There's so much stuff to do. Personally, it's not something I launch everyday, but I find that dipping in once a month or so results in a good couple of hours entertainment.

Soldierone2375d ago

This will easily have me returning to Home, its the only reason I didn't uninstall the data after E3.

lodossrage2375d ago

Too many people were ready to write off HOME almost from the start.

Now you don't nearly get as many "Sony should scrap HOME" and "HOME is boring" comments as you used to.

And it's because people are realizing it's growing at a steady rate and the games are getting more and more advanced. Hell, HOME is one of the reasons the Gaming Division is making money.

MysticStrummer2375d ago

Home Tycoon does seem to be a straight up ripoff of Sim City. It won't end up being nearly as deep as SC but it does look fun and I look forward to trying it out.