Oblivion Tabbed 'Best Game of 2007' in Japan

A group of 12 editorial staff from Enterbrain (the folks that put out Famitsu in all it's various iterations) sat down and voted on the game they felt was the best title of the year in Japan without regard for sales figures, fame of the franchise, etc. Only one vote per person, game with the most votes wins. In the end, Oblivion took home the honor as the best game of 2007 with 5 votes. The tally was:

#1 - Oblivion (5 votes)
#2 - God of War 2 (2 votes)
#3 - Super Mario Galaxy (1 vote)
#4 - Legend of Zelda DS (1 vote)
#5 - Monster Hunter Portable (1 vote)

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Hapimeses4666d ago

Personally, I feel that list is pretty fair, far fairer than many I have read. Although Oblivion has many, many flaws, the sheer scale of the game, and the immersive gameplay, more than compensates.

I've had the GotY edition since it was released, and I've played it almost consistantly since then, Really, it's that good. Yes, graphically it's mince in comparison to most other games on my PS3, but it is still a better game than pretty much everything else I have.

I am /really/ looking forward to the new Fallout.


StalkingSilence4666d ago

I don't know why I've hesitated so much. Not my genre of games normally. but I think after all the critical acclamation it has received, i should just try it. I'm worried it will suck away all of my time.

Hapimeses4666d ago

That's a justifiable worry. Both my wife and I play Oblivion a little too much -- it really sucks you in to it if you give it a chance. But, in the end, that's what I pay the money for: quality entertainment, and a lot of it. I've certainly had more game for my money with Oblivion than any other title I've bought for PS3 so far... well, maybe excepting SSHD: my daughter and wife play that /all/ the time.

InYourMom4666d ago

Western RPG's in Japan FTW!