Nexon Buys $685 Million Stake in NCSoft, Becomes Biggest Holder

Bloomberg:Nexon purchased 3.2 million NCSoft shares, a 14.7 percent stake, from NCSoft Chairman Kim Taek-Jin for 250,000 won apiece, it said in a statement today. That’s 6.7 percent less than today’s closing price in Seoul for NCSoft, which offers online games including Lineage and Aion.

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Chrono2325d ago

Nexon proves that the free-to-play model can be very beneficial.

kevnb2325d ago

the markets most on here ignore are huge, this is why analysts are so big on pc and mobile. devs tend to go where the money is sooner rather than later as well.

majiebeast2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

...Aslong as this doesnt effect guild wars 2 i dont see a problem. Dont like Nexon as a company who got rich with mediocrity.

Only played vindictus and it got boring very fast no competition against p2p mmo´s. Only good game IMO in their entire roster is atlantica online which they bought from a different company played that till lvl 100

Lucretia2325d ago

vindictus and dragons nest are awesome sir

Einherjar2323d ago

I signed up just to tell you, this is Nexon KR, which hosts a huge selection of games and is much better than NA in general. Vindictus only failed because of the terrible way they host it in NA.

FarCryLover1822325d ago

Guess they're not going after EA after all...

GamingPerson2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

wow! they make tones of cash with f2p games.
I got a plan to get rich! F2watch Movies! Who here will invest in me?

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