Will Moderation Render Wii U's Miiverse Ineffectual?


Nintendo has largely avoided discussing the subject of online when it comes to Wii U; we're still in the dark on details regarding the presence of friend codes and other things that have hampered the online experience for owners of Nintendo's previous consoles. The one exception to this has been Miiverse, which has the potential to connect Wii U owners with each other in a new, interesting way. There is, however, at least one issue that stands in the way of it being a major success (aside from Wii U itself selling well), and that is Nintendo's desire to provide a safe environment for younger gamers.

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matgrowcott2325d ago

I've seen a lot of people disappointed by this, and I agree to a certain extent. How can the exciting notion of this constant flow of information and communication within a console-wide system really work if it's being moderated?

But the more I think of it, the more I know that there's no other way of doing it. As soon as I saw that people could draw pictures of anything they want to post, I decided that it would be about three seconds until somebody uploaded their first pair of boobs.

It's a great system, but there's no other way that I can think of that Nintendo can protect the gaming experiences of both children and adults looking to de-stress without moderation. If you think hearing "faggot" every couple of seconds is bad in Call of Duty, imagine seeing it every time you boot up your console as well...

chanmasta2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Completely agree with everything in your post. It's also a great move to counter spoilers too. Imagine turning on your Wii U and seeing "*THIS GUY* DIES AT THE END, HAHA [email protected]$ KISS MY P3N!5" next to a game. I have nothing to hide so to me it's fantastic.
Google should employ moderators on YouTube too with the amount of pathetic crap idiots post on 90% of videos.

Emilio_Estevez2325d ago

Never thought about spoilers, that wouldn't be cool.

Jirachi2325d ago

Honestly while i agree that there should be show censoring let the parental control decide if that's the case.
Like two adults want to say swears the should be able to say them but for kids they won't see it unless the parents think they can handle it.

eagle212325d ago

I don't think it will be so strict, but people deserve not to be offended by racists or profanity online.

Jirachi2325d ago

The biggest problem is what if they start censoring things that don't need censored
"Hey guys i played this game and i didn't like it" maybe the person has a good reason to say that.

I could easily see this kinda censorship happen because let's face it sometimes all you have to do to offend someone is have a different opinion then them and that's not the kinda censorship anyone wants.

mike1up2325d ago

As long as Nintendo doesn't monitor what I say to people on my "friends list" then I don't mind.