5 E3 games that prove we don’t need PS4 yet

OPM UK writes: E3 may not have given us even a hint of a PS4 announcement but these are the games that prove that the PS3 can still deliver everything we need.

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dangert122349d ago

Ps3 has alot of legs for someone like myself who still needs and wants to play

Deadspace 2,Bio Shock 1&2 Yakuza 4 Yakuza of the ends, Both batmans Little Big Planet 2 Imfamous 2 Dust 514 GTA 5 Beyond Resistance 3 The Last of Us etc

FACTUAL evidence2349d ago

I would say we could do with a ps4. As of now, the OS, and games together is hindering the ps3 from doing good features. I want my party chat/ other good features.

Oldman1002349d ago

Agreed, the ps3's abysmal multitasking capabilities are getting harder and harder to put up with by the day.

It pisses me off that I can't do anything else while talking with friends in the xmb chat room.

LastDance2349d ago

I doubt it will look anywhere near as good as it did at e3 on pc.

extermin8or2349d ago

tbf both assassins creed and the last of us were running on ps3 when they were demo'd

Pandemic2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Watch Dogs -
''this is how visuals can and will look on your PS3.''

Unfortunately, I doubt graphics the that was shown at E3 with that much happening and detail, will work on either current-generation consoles (PS3 & 360).

morganfell2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

I agree. They played a Watch Dogs video at E3, they didn't play it live. One video has already surfaced of the guy "playing". He wasn't even using the controller.

Then there are other HUGE tell tale issues people seem not to notice. Or else know too little about programming and AI. When the character triggers the accident and the cars slide to a stop, notice how perfectly positioned the car is for the AI on the corner to walk over, open the door, and ask if the person is alright. Anyone that understands design knows what they are looking at in that situation. The video is rife with these incidents. All given a pass by people that should know better.

It's been mentioned already about the shooting as the guy vaults the car hood, also obviously faked.

I am not saying the game will not be good but they have a lot of things to get done in order to make the game play like the scripted video. And quite honestly history shows some of those things will not happen or at least not close to the presentation.

It's also laughable how people attack some IPs for the same things which they are now falling on their knees and praising Watch Dogs and refusing to acknowledge. I used to think more of some gamers who now are willing to believe anything and question nothing.

Ducky2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Isn't it obvious that the car crash, if triggered, would follow a script?
If it was just random traffic, then there's a pretty big chance that the target makes through unscathed. (...and if you're doing an E3 presentation, just serves to make the player look foolish)

Whether the street-light-induced car crash is different in each playthrough isn't really what people are excited about, it's the fact that you can even do such a thing which is intriguing.

The player could have chosen to shoot out the target's car's tires, or shot the driver, or just tried to get into a parked car and directly ram the target's car. There even was a choice to mess with the train system up above. The response to any of these actions could be scripted, but you still have the freedom to pick your own course of action. THAT is what the demo was aiming to show.

You're nitpicking on an issue that isn't even why the presentation was amazing.
If the footage was a faked video, then they did a piss poor job at it considering the character would awkwardly run and stop on a few occasions.

christian hour2349d ago (Edited 2349d ago )

Morgan, I can always rely on you to be a good voice of reason amongst the madness here on N4G, its because of that you're one of the few names I recognise around here :P

I cant understand why so many people are adament about everything they seen in watchdogs IS possible on current consoles. Keep dreaming guys, seriously. My friend has a pc gaming rig with a 1gb GPU (thats 4 times more graphics power than ps3 or 360 for those that do not know the speco f their console, but instead assume its a magical box of seemingly unlimited power) and I know for a fact even his rig would have trouble running watch dogs as it appeared at e3.

Graphics of that clarity and with no visible pop in, with that much going on, on screen at once, you'd want at least dual 1gb cards or a 3gb card, and one hell of a processor,i think RAM goes without saying.

But you can see the architecture of the game that's in place is still somewhat built for old(current) tech. For example, i didnt see any nice physx on display, especially when the guy is pulled through the window, the remains of the glass in the door frame is a nice little 2d sprite, and the particle smash was just a 2d animation and not real physics per shard of glass like you'd see with PhysX (or similar tech), so this little tid bit does tell us tihs games architecture is being built with consoles in mind, I'm just here to tell all the people, who are in such denial that it hurts, don't expect the game to have all the bells and whistles you saw at e3,

Whether you get to play it on a gaming pc (or possibly nex gen console?) or on current consoles, you're going to be getting one fun game, the gameplay elements of this game alone are enough to sell copies, regardless of how it ends up looking for you.

I know I'll be playing it on current gen consoles anyway so I'm not pushed either way, it just annoys me when people see pc gameplay and refuse to believe the console version won't look that good.

I remember a friend of mine was convinced half life 2 would look good on the original xbox as it did on pc... and just last year I knew people who seen BF3 on pc and wouldnt believe me when I said its not going to look like that on 360/ps3, then hearing from those same people upon release that Dice and/or EA cheated them etc, I guess nobody listens to a thing I say :P

*edit* And after all that I forgot what I came in here to say initially, by listing watch dogs as a reason we dont need a ps4/nextbox360 they made their argument completely void, watch dogs is showing us why we need new consoles, look at what current engines that can run on console, can do on pc?

Now imagine what those (multiplatform) games would look like if they werent been held back with console versions in mind? Honestly anyone who argues we dont need new consoles is being moronic, previous gen cycles have been every five years, with power usually doubling (32bit, 64bit, 128bit, 256bit(current))

This gen has gone into its 7th year if we count from 360's release, its no longer at the point where it would be double the last gen, because pc's low end cards are now 4 times that of current gen consoles...

anyone who says we don't need new consoles must have something against progress, because its forcing devs to develop with limitations in mind, I say its about time to let them take advantage of all this new power that's been at their disposal for over 2 years now on pc, its time to move on.

It would be like someone showing you a smart phone, but you're convinced that you'd never need anything more than a green lcd screen for calls and texts.

milohighclub2349d ago

Lol they just proved that we do need next gen by the fact that the first 2 games they showd to back up their claims were obviously running on high end pcs and won't look any where near as good as that on console.

FlashBack2349d ago

Watch Dogs was demoed on a PC, now shut up

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