Friday Five: Worst Moments of E3 2012

By: Adam Kearney

E3 2012 has come and gone and, as always, at center stage this year was the press conferences. This is the big show, where major game publishers show off what they have in store for us for the next year. After the past few years, my expectations have been lowered to the point where I honestly didn’t expect anything from these conferences. However, after watching E3 this year, I can honestly say that I’m not entirely sure what the hell I watched.

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Xbot3602324d ago

My worst moment was when Adam Sessler was on spike shaking like MJFox during a bomb squad exercise is he sick (Adam)?

SoldierX2324d ago

You are so wrong for that...funny but wrong!

Blastoise2324d ago

Some good choices, that zombie thing reggie did didnt even work...and those ubisoft presenters did my head in

user54670072324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Aisha Tyler should of just presented by her self, she was ok untill Toby joined her.

Damn....I wish Archer had a video game with an Uncharted like online mode.