Dinosaur E3 faces its Ice Age: why ESA must act now

VG247: If ESA doesn’t quickly reinvent the E3 format we will see the show die, says Patrick Garratt. E3 2012 represented a transition from “losing relevance” to “meaningless,” and the entire industry is losing patience.

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Double_Oh_Snap2326d ago

This E3 sucked, what happened to awesome shock announcements? Besides watch dogs which looks amazing.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

no big shock announcements, but as far as games go, i was pretty happy, c'mon assassin's creed 3, rayman legends, beyond, tomb raider, starwars 1313, god of war, watch dogs, last of us... the only thing i was seriously dissapointed about was that sony didn't show the last guardian.

and then their was the wii usher...wonderbook lady fail...and akward host conversations(ubisoft) honestly, they should've just had toby host, so unless you didn't own a ps3, i think e3 was pretty decent this year

MacDonagh2326d ago

E3 has ceased being relevant for a long time now and it's a shame. Everything has become too similar with each company copying each other with a glut of multi-platform games to support each system. Kinect/Move copying the Wii to get a share of that casual gamer market when the funds to develop said devices could've been utilized more effectively for first party games for instance. No surprise announcements or shocks or anything of the sort on this E3 (like I thought as much in the blog I wrote) and nothing worth writing home about.

E3 may have to get their act together, but all the companies as well as the developers need to get their collective rears into gear as well.

Lior2326d ago

Its got boring every year now it's just not that exciting anymore

dboyman2326d ago

What does not help is all the Pre-E3 "leaks"...

LightofDarkness2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Well, E3 was intended to be a trade show, not a spectacle for the general public; but it evolved into one because the public and the investors demanded it. It tried to go back to its roots there a few years ago by scaling back the size of things and returning its focus to attracting investment and a "state of the industry" type of event, which was reversed in the last few years because of public demand and the opportunity to amass hype. But ever since then, really, it just seems to have lost its identity. Too many announcements are made prior to the show to get people hyped up, and then the conferences don't deliver anything more. All the internet fanboys get riled up and the inner child comes out in many of them around this time of year too (just look through comments sections from the last few days to get an idea). I think it kind of just sucks.

I doubt I'll be terribly excited for next year's show.

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