Microsoft says Xbox 360 has more than two years left

According to the head of Microsoft Studios, Phil Spencer, the Xbox 360 may well be with us for quite a long time yet.

With the next generation coming up quickly, some may expect that the Xbox 360 will fall by the wayside as Microsoft transitions to the next generation. However, that doesn't seem to be the case, as Spencer says it has "a lot more than just two years left."

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Walker2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

STFU and Unveiling the new console now !

No FanS Land2327d ago

Microsoft and sony are playing quite a serious mexican standoff!

RBlaze2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Looks more like MS are trying to bluff Sony, to be honest.... I wouldn't be surprised if Sony try the same thing!

If Sony think that MS will wait two more years for a new console, then Sony might wait two years, also... So if MS then suddenly announce (at next e3 for example) then Sony would be caught off guard, and vica versa - Sony could do the same thing back! They'll both try that... They both want to maximise the profit time in this gen, without waiting too long (as consumers may look elsewhere) to take the financial hit of next gen...


sikbeta2327d ago

Eh, they can do whatever they want, as long as a new console is revealed next year it's not a problem, it's not like both consoles from the same manufacturer can't overlap ala PS2-PS3

blackbeld2327d ago

Microsoft just bluffing.

They just could not finish the new gen so they have to wait. Just like Sony.

Nintendo did the right move fans are ready for next gen now.

SilentNegotiator2326d ago

The NeXtbox must be coming in 2014, then, because they dropped the last xbox like a bag of hammers when the 360 released.

EVILDEAD3602326d ago

After watching E3 Micrsoft is absolutely right. They DON'T need to come with a new console right now. Nothing Sony does has any effect on the 360 sales and Vice Versa. They both will have a successful year, but no one is killing the 360 at what it does best.

Wii-U didn't even put ANY kind of pressure on the other big two and we'll see how it turns out but I believe that Wii-U E3 performance actually made Kinect the go-to motion control device for this holiday as well.

Behind closed doors they are showing the system and the belief is next year we will see something tangible at E3. But if micrsoft has crazy success from Windows 8, smart glass, the new partnerships, and the cell-phone like Xbox Live pricing. The 360 isn't going anywhere.


jacksons982326d ago

Plan on 2013. They will release next year sometime and let Xbox 360 hang on for another year, but only with 3rd party support. They have already cut their first party development to the bones for 360, their strategy is starve their players for games then when new Xbox releases they will have plenty of hungry gamers ready to make the jump.

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MariaHelFutura2327d ago

Considering MS will drop support for the 360 like a bad habit (like the Xbox), this doesn't sound good for someone like me who is ready for the next gen.

SuperLupe2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Very simple minded dude right here.

TekoIie2327d ago

You dont even know why the original Xbox was discontinued do you?

No FanS Land2327d ago

you know that the first xbox was discontinued over a feud between MS and Nvidia which ended manufacture of its GPU?

thus the reason why games are emulated on the 360.

2326d ago
MariaHelFutura2326d ago

Regardless, I don't think they will when they launch the new one and I did not know that about Nvidia.

jacksons982326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

@MariaHelFutura I think you are right. Everytime MS releases a new product they drop the old one quickly. Their business model has always been built on pushing people to the newest products there is no reason Xbox will be any different.

SITH2326d ago

The article litteraly says that will not happen. Good job reading high-speed. Keep up the good work.

MariaHelFutura2326d ago

Listen. The second MS released Kinect they gave up on the people who got them this far. Why you guys think its so insane they'll do it again is beyond me. Where the games like Alan Wake, LO and Blue Dragon? Gone. Cause they stopped supporting the people who got them this far this gen to begin with. Get the butterflies out your brains.

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JANF2327d ago

"Microsoft says Xbox 360 has more than two years left"

No... I would say one year at most

B1663r2327d ago

And you would be wrong... The very next possible moment that Microsoft would release a new XBox is January or February for release next fall. Which is more than a year... But anyhow, the next gen wont start until 2015, and this has been known for some time now...

_Aarix_2326d ago

Don't know about you but not really any multiplatform games look as good as gears of war 3 or halo 4, I could easily survive a couple more years if games look that good standarly

BertlSenix2326d ago

It is maxed out for 2 years now.
Sony on the other side is pushing the PS3 even further beyond with The Last of Us and other things.

But well M$ is always smoking funny things.
All the crap they talk even if they have to lie the whole time :D
Guess you can live with that if your whole Community is a bunch of 5 year old Call of Duty Kids.

CryWolf2327d ago

his shortly full of them himself to tell that bold faced lie in this article, 360 is already outdated hardware compare to PC everybody in Microsoft knows this by now.

TekoIie2327d ago

Already? Oh god i never saw that coming! It was outdated like 1-2 years after release just like every other console...

LAZL0-Panaflex2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

This is microsofts' and sonys' garage sale. Theyre selling out of their inventory then its almost gone they'll release the new shit, or their waiting on the economy. We have an official 23% of americans who are unemployed who arent collecting benefits, and 8% on unemployment now, and 49% of Americans on the government teet right now receiving some kind of assistance.
If i had to put money on it i would say this generation is longer than normal is 1). Is the economy(europe is crumbling as we speak (and america is not far behind because are beloved commander in chief is trying to make america like europe.

2) red ring of death, possibly trying to better their bottom line from that fiasco

3) sonys consoles always go over 5 years... Ps2 is still big over seas,supposedly.
I think sony is too diversified and its hurting them like with the failing vita.

4) i think having all these game studios is a double edged sword....they got the best game library hands down, but you gotta pay to keep these studios opened, salaries, utilities, tax, unemployment, workers comp......they already closed zipper this year and another studio.

Redlogic2326d ago

Our commander in chief is trying to make us like Europe?!? Ahhhh run!!! Socialism is coming for us!!!

Angrymorgan2326d ago

They are gonna say that even if they release nextbox tomorow!
They don't want people to stop buying 360's because a new system is due to release.

Admitting a new console is coming is like saying "hey guys, don't buy our old shit, we got new stuff round the corner"

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Double_Oh_Snap2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I'm sorry, but how? Only way I see that is if... oh wait it still sells well and Microsoft continues to neglect the core audience. What a surprise lets not worry about first party studios or new games. Usher has our back with dance central 6.

I like AW,Halo,Gears, and old fable. But I truly hate what MS has become so there sticking with what sells so yay. It truly is sad when the stand out of your Conference besides Halo obviously was a third party south park game.

MS better get back to the games Next Gen when ever the hell it is next year year after whenever.

WetN00dle692327d ago

I highly agree! But why start Next Gen?? They should start doing it NOW! They should close this gen with a bang and start releasing new Ips instead of being content with the same old crap!

BrutallyBlunt2327d ago

While i do agree Micrsoft should be pumping out more support of their own for the core audience let's not kid ourselves into thinking there is little to play for core gamers. Remember, not everyone owns multiple systems and XBOX360 gamers still have access to most of the core games coming out from 3rd party publishers. There is also a wide array of games from XBLA.

So yes, if you're only concern is AAA exclusives that are only available on the XBOX360 and not Kinect enabled then the selection is limited. However most XBOX360 gamers will be playing games like Halo 4, Forza Horizon, Assassins Creed 3, FIFA 2013, Call of Duty Black Ops 2 and so on this year.

JeffGUNZ2326d ago

I am fairly confident this just means the 360 will still be supported next gen like the PS2 was this gen. This E3 was a big silent annoucement that next gen is next E3

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Excalibur2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

I can't see how, the dashboard has become so bloated that every-time they add a new App it adds to the load time.

It's pretty bad when I want to watch Netflix and I click on the video tab it take 2 minutes just to get to the Apps page,then once there you click on the Netflix App and it takes another 45 seconds to a minute to load.

BTW M$ just a heads up, I have a DVD/Blu Ray player to watch movies, I have an MP3 player to listen to music, I have a lap top right beside me when for anything I need on the net, I bought my 360 TO PLAY GAMES!!!

Give me GAMES!

Bzone242327d ago

You want games, yet you are complaining how long it takes to load a video app?

Excalibur2327d ago

Yes I do want games but since I don't really have any I'm forced to watch TV, see how that works?

Now to answer your question more seriously, why do I need, 5 music apps? Why do I need 5 video renting options? why do I need to have a dozen individual channels? I can flip on basic cable cable and have all of that and more in an instant.

Bzone242327d ago

Forced to watch tv? You have a DVD/Blu Ray player to watch movies. Why does it matter how long it takes to load Netflix?

Why do we have more than one restaurant choice? Why more than one clothing store? Why more than one local channel? etc...

Guess you don't believe in giving people choices.

Excalibur2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )

Way to over examine what I'm saying, the 360 is first and foremost a gaming machine, of course I like choices and of course I enjoy watching movies on it but when the sole reason I bought it begins to suffer (like it has for going on 3 years now)I'm not going to be a happy camper.

Also when you continue to add/change things for the worse I'm also not going to be happy.

Do you like patches that breaks a game more than it fixes it? It's practically the same thing.

Why would I need 5 Burger Kings side by side in a strip mall?
All of the rent a movie channels have the same exact thing to watch, why do I need 5 of them?

Angrymorgan2326d ago

Basically what he's saying is
Xbox is a GAMES console. Get your priorities right microsoft!

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