Destructoid's E3 2012 Game of the Show: The Last of Us

Destructoid is proud to award The Last of Us their Game of the Show award for E3 2012.

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sinncross2323d ago

After watching the demo footage and reading the previews of how the same footage offered up alternate possibilities, this is definitely the game I am most excited for atm.

Nimblest-Assassin2323d ago

I support this decision. TLOU looks amazing

Thatguy-3102323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

IMO Game of the show for E3 is easily The Last of Us and Watch Dogs. That being said, Watch Dogs looked pretty scripted and was just a sneak peek of what direction they were going with just like when sony showed off Killzone 2(BTW it was also running on a high end PC). The Last of Us is showing what your going to get right out of the box and i see it winning a lot of the awards because of it.

black9112323d ago

IGN gave it to Tomb Raider lol.

waltyftm2323d ago

I was blown away by the graphics and gameplay of this, well deserved.

xursz2323d ago

Good choice. The Watchdogs demo was running on a high end pc. With TLOU, you're seeing what you get.

h311rais3r2322d ago

....and if u have a good pc u are seeing what u get with watch pc gamers not matter?

Hicken2322d ago

Is there a higher percentage of PC owners whose PCs can run Watch_Dogs, or is there a higher percentage of PS3 owners whose PS3s can run The Last of Us?

Even that aside, does the content and variety shown for The Last of Us not count?

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The story is too old to be commented.