Can anything save HD DVD?

After Warner's move to the Blu-ray camp, is there any chance HD DVD will make a come back and declare victory? Crave UK wrote an interesting article on what the HD DVD group could do in order to try and regain some of the market share they have lost. Anyone want to buy a major movie studio?

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wetowel4664d ago

If toshiba throw on another price drop maybe they could survive. Paramount is pumping out some killer movies lately like, transformers, transformers 2, ironman, cloverfield, just to name a couple.

Hopefully paramount will come blu-ray so i can get transformers on bluray finally.

whoelse4664d ago

They cant cut prices by too much now as they wont make any money.

BrianC62344664d ago

Anyone who buys an HD DVD player because Toshiba drops the price even more is a fool. Price drops like this are just showing you're desperate. I don't think it will fool most consumers though. Most consumers aren't ready for HD yet. The people who are ready are more likely to know what's going on. If you've held off this long to see which format will win then you know HD DVD is dead and a price drop means nothing. In fact, a price drop would tell you don't waste your money. It's just one last chance for Toshiba to get some money out of the players they already made. Buy a Blu-ray player or a player that plays both formats.

AceLuby4664d ago

Those fire sales selling the machines at sub $200 levels were all sold below cost. Yes they lost money on every one of those sold, yet disc sales were unaffected by this due to the PS3's blu-ray effect. They are basically giving them away and can't even get back to 60/40 disc sales. Now at 85/15, there is no chance they come back.

beoulve4664d ago

did you see start a rumors saying Warner is coming back to HD-DVD. Yeah he is trying as hard as he could.

whoelse4664d ago

Which studio would move sides now?

That would be 10 times more stupid than Paramount.

season0074664d ago

and can they bring it back to 99.99?
never, its unsmart to cut it too low

cow moolester4664d ago

The only thing that can save HD DVD is Jesus...think about it...Toshiba sign an exclusivity deal with the Pope and Jesus makes his second coming EXCLUSIVELY on HD DVD.It'd be in 1080pope and have full 7.1 True HD Sound.
Included in this exclusivity deal would be the sequel "Messiah 2: Crucify this".

Together they would sell 72 billion HD DVD Players.Since there are only 6 billion people actually living on Earth, this amount of players sold would obviously be quite a blow to Blu-Ray.

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The story is too old to be commented.