Chromehounds - Exclusive Developer Interview

Totally360 recently sat down with FromSoftware, the the developers of Chromehounds. We offered our readers the chance to ask any questins they liked about the mech-battler...

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greenlynxx6211d ago

I keep going back and forth about this game. The interview though has helped to increase my interest level but I am still not sure how this game will actually play. I love the concept of nations fighting against nations though. Let's hope that all of the devs ideas turn to actually work well and be fun.

JPomper6211d ago

Well that was a mess of an interview.

It gave me a better idea of what to expect from the game, but it still looks too plain for me. Unless the squad-based action is really as important as he's making it out to be, I can't see myself purchasing this game.

Anerythristic266211d ago

I am a Mech Battilin' Fool! Can't wait for this one! My giant robot shoots missiles and 30mm armor piercing rounds at your giant robot FTW!

ssj046211d ago

I dont think I needa say anything here... the game speak of itself... hahahah Saddddddddddddddddddd. ahhahah

Anerythristic266211d ago

Why? Why is this game sad? Please explain. It's perfectly fine for you to have an opinion but clarify. Do you just not like Mech games or do you not like the 360?

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