Unreal Engine 4 - Supported platforms confirmed, tech demo ran on a single Nvidia GPU

DSOGaming writes: "And the time has come everyone. Epic Games showcased their highly anticipated Unreal Engine 4 on SpikeTV and we have some brand new information from that show. According to Epic Games, Unreal Engine 4 will be packed with the same features and tools for all devices from low end to high end. Moreover, the company stated that every platform from the Iphone to high end PCs will be supported by Epic’s next generation engine."

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DaThreats2322d ago

Now, will the PS4 support this?

Chaostar2321d ago

"Moreover, the company stated that every platform from the Iphone to high end PCs will be supported by Epic’s next generation engine."

It's right there in the description, I don't see why next gen platforms would not be compatible.

Skip_Bayless2321d ago

It's about F'ing time that this came out. And I'm dissapointed that they make this engine compatible with everything because they should just focus soley on next gen PC, PS4, and Nexbox!

Kurylo3d2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

you right skip... that is your right if you wanna see them commit suicide. Tablets are a huge market right now. Mobile is huge and it would be a mistake not supporting it.

Even crytek is supporting mobile now

b163o12321d ago

Elder Scrolls: That badass dude we forgot to mention

Godmars2902321d ago

Thing is that could just as well apply to current gen. As much as many here don't want to hear that.

Skip_Bayless2321d ago

Not really because that's where quality is made and if they market it correctly then it can be a bigger commercial success.

Crysis 1 looks better than Cryisis 2 because they had to modify and make sacrifices to make it work on PS3 and 360.

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Crazyglues2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I think it's not about if it will support it, but will it run like the video, because like Chaostar said it supports a lot of formats..

-but the real question is which one supports it and keeps the Quality level of the video... right now that's probably only on the PC version.

-But hopefully the Nex Gen Consoles will have the power to run this at the level of a High-end PC and look as amazing as the video Looked...


stragomccloud2321d ago

I think it's very possible, even with older chipsets.... as in anything that is medium high end directx 11 compatible. Afterall, console games generally have only single monitor support(can't think of exceptions.... though does Gran Turismo 5 support multple displays? I can't remember.... but I digress). Consoles also don't really need anything higher than 1080p. So that right there significantly reduces the resources neccessary to run awesome engines like UE4.

Cueil2321d ago

Forza series has always had three screen support

GamingPerson2321d ago

will it run unreal 3? Look at star wars 1313!

finbars752321d ago

Honestly Not that big of a deal.First of all the unreal engine 4 wasnt that impressive at all.I thought I was watching WOW for a second there.The only new engine that was impressive was Square Enix engine.Talk about mindblowing and whats to say what gueurilla games new engine will look like for next gen.Theres alot to look forward in the future I must admit but the unreal engine 4 isnt one of them.Very overhyped.I more into Dices next gen graphix that will blow people away especially if they announce bad company 3 for the next gen.

Kurylo3d2321d ago

u obviously know nothing about what is happening in the engine.. and the technical stuff going on. Its the realtime lighting that is mindblowing.

finbars752321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Kurlyo3d I do know whats going on and im sorry to break the news to you but this tech looks nothing new to me.It looks a little more like unreal3.5 just alittle approvements.The lighting doesnt compare to frostbite2 or square enixs new engine.theres way more detail and lighing in those two engines then the unreal4 which shows some good lighting but not spectacular.It was a bad showing for it and they should of used another clip to justify it.I mean look at medal of honor warfighter which shows you everything an engine should represent.Lighting,particles, destructability,character models,it has everything for a good formula to a great engine.Even Crysis3 looks absolutely stunning.

JsonHenry2321d ago

If the rumor of the PS4 using PC based x86/x64 CPUs then I would assume that the answer to the OP's questions is yes, the PS4 will support this engine.

fatstarr2321d ago

according to unreal an iphone can run this.
I cant wait to see the WII edition.

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Shok2322d ago

Wii U support essentially confirmed.

Hisiru2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

WiiU can handle programable shaders and looks like it's comparable to DX11. This system will be able to have ports of x720/PS4 games for sure. Now it's up to the developers.

Also, it's obviously more powerful than Iphone, we just need to see if Epic wants to support the WiiU (I hope so, then everyone will be happy).

meetajhu2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Wii U can't do jack s***. Mark my words. This demo is impossible on Amd 4xxx GPUs even in low level. Even 360 has unified programmable shaders doesn't mean it runs on it.

mewhy322321d ago

Well I think it'll be a stretch for current gen consoles to run this, really.RAM will be a huge limiting factor on this. Ps3 with it's 256 video RAM and Xbox with it's 512 unified both will have a terrible time with handling all the effects offered up by this new engine. At best there may be a game developed on this engine with extremely pared back fidelity for current gen hardware. Wii-U supposedly has much more RAM and more powerfuly gPU than xbox and ps3. You may see something special from epic with ure4 developed on that platform.

Hisiru2321d ago

You know it will be supported even by Iphone, right?

fatstarr2321d ago

everyone hates nintendo so there would be no support for the wiiu.

devs been doing it since the gamecube era.

they have the tools
they have the power
they are just lazy.

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ATi_Elite2322d ago


Lots of Lights nice but where's the destruction, physics, and Photo-realism.

Great dev tools though

Bladesfist2322d ago

Thats not how engines work, Its the developers who have to do that. I can make a crappy looking game in cryengine

Halochampian2321d ago

did you not see the destruction?!

MrMister2322d ago

They already said Wii U cant handle it. Wii u from the looks of it, is even less powerful than current gen systems. Did you see the arkham city for Wii-U? The game was blocky with simple texters. It doesnt look like current gen (at least). It looks like Nintendo went back and made it simply be a normal Wii--but in HD. What we saw at last years E3 is no longer the case in the new Wii-U. I'm almost convinced that they may have changed their minds, and decided to just sell the tablet, instead of sell a new console. Either that, or the Wii-u is just a normal Wii with widescreen and HD. But still looked like PS2/Gamecube level graphics from E3 2012's footage.

Shok2322d ago the article.

yabhero2321d ago

Dude REWATCH THE VIDEO. As I person who's played AC or other systems I can tell you the WiiU version is not only on par but better looking. WiiU is more powerful than other consoles ( this was confirmed last E3). Did you miss the Assassins Creed demo. The people who agreed with you must be visually impared.
Let me paste links to help you.
Also epic never said WiiU can't support it just that it won't be shown at this E3.

Darukain2321d ago

Im pretty sure it's the cameras they are that they are using that make it look crappy.

LAWSON722321d ago

Have u seen zombiu it has amazing graphics and usually when things are blocky it is the vid not the game

SilentNegotiator2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

2:21 - Clear signs of aliasing
2:46 - Wall textures no better than ps3/360 version
0:25, 1:50 - flagpole/stocks show clear signs of aliasing
Textures look about the same

And none of these games have been confirmed NATIVE 1080p (and if they had, they would have been marketed to the HEAVENS at E3).

"better looking"? What a load.

"WiiU is more powerful than other consoles ( this was confirmed last E3)"
LOL! No it wasn't! What are you talking about? Did you fall for the "it's from this line of processors, so it must be the top one!" logic-vacuum that so many did, or were you REALLY impressed THAT MUCH by that fish/bird demo?

osed1252321d ago

games at launch will never look good, take a look at this
is call of duty 2 for the xbox 360, it looks like a wii game
I think we have to wait until a year or 2 before seeing the real graphics of the system

Swagman23212321d ago

Osed125 - This is where your logic fails. The Wii-U is much closer to the X360/PS3's hardware then previous launched systems. Thus developers should already have a good idea of how to use it. I wouldn't expect games to get that much better looking. It's gonna be a sad day for Nintendo fans when Microsoft and Sony show what the real next gen is gonna look like. Because those two systems are gonna make the WiiU look silly

osed1252320d ago

@Swagman2321 you sure don't know much about game developing. Each system is different in the way it is develop, sure there are similarities but in general there are some factors that make things different and sometimes more complicated. like the cell processor on PS3, which is very different to the processor of the 360, that's why third party games look pretty much the same on both systems even though the PS3 is more powerful. I'll give Nintendo the benefit of the doubt here, if by next E3 they don't show something that looks better than current gen, then yes the system is pretty weak or that at least Nintendo shows the official specs of the console to get an idea.

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xCaptainAmazing2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

This is awesome news. If it supports EVERY device, and if it scales well, it means you can get the same game for nearly every platform. Yes, system specs will determine how good it looks (and if the visuals are truly next-gen), but if it is easy to develop for every platform, we will see these games everywhere!

Certain features won't make it in to lower spec devices, but that is hardly a huge deal.

BubloZX2321d ago

360, ps3, and psvita will all support this engine.

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Orpheus2322d ago

When Epic first showed their Unreal Engine 3.0 , nothing could run it properly and people were skeptic if a 6800ULTRA SLI will be able to run it well.

The first Unreal Engine 3.0 PC game got released at the transition period of 7800GTX and 800Ultra.

But now ... it runs fine on a current gen single card !!!

I guess this aint a good sign. :-S :-S

Eyesoftheraven2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

God, I sure hope it runs on single 680's and 7970's. I just bought and overclocked a 7970; it's just too much money to see not be able to run this higher quality next gen software.

Who really wants a repeat of 2007's Crysis 1 release, anyways? (In terms of not being able to run it at high settings).

RevXM2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

Im fine with not being able to max a game at launch.

Its not going to look better than your Hardware can push it anyway so why not lock something away for your future hardware?

I want more games like Crysis 1, but it needs to be playable and optimized. run with a somewhat consistent FPS throughout the game on a medium range rig.

I love a game that doesnt look like shit when I uppgrade my rig.
Still plays Crysis and still think it looks magnificent, and that is a nice feeling when Devs put so much effort in to the technology and detail. Sticking C4 on to objects and toss them in the face of a foot soldier in crysis is a hell lot of fun. and it looks great, always looked great.

Eyesoftheraven2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )


I understand the lure in knowing that being able to run a game 60fps under medium settings likely means you can look forward to your next upgrade running the same experience under very high settings.

The issue is in the cost of top tier rigs. I'm grateful to own a 7970, but my CPU, the Phenom ii x4 955, (70% - 99% GPU usage in BF3 64 player matches) is just about due for an upgrade. However, I just can't afford the $670+ to put in the i7-3770k and Sabertooth Z77 that I want.

My point is that even if I could afford the new hardware and I find in 6 months time or so that Watch Dogs runs at 30fps under medium settings, well optimized or not, I'd be very disappointed.

BlackKnight2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I have said it before, hear me out before voting.

I WANT another "crysis situation".

People blew it out of proportion. Some people were upset that you couldn't run the game on DX10 very high settings at release (meaning at release, the fastest video card couldn't maintain 30FPS average, you could still play, just slow).

Crytek specifically said that they made the game engine so advanced on the highest settings that even 5 years later, it would still be the best looking. If you set the game to medium, a lot of PCs could run it and it was STILL the best looking game in 2007 on MEDIUM. That means the engine was already prepared for new hardware so as time passed and PC's advanced, your game, mods, custom maps, etc all got better and better looking without paying anything more. The tech was always there in your original copy.

If anyone has a gaming PC, try Crysis 1 again on its full settings at 1080P. It is simply amazing even now.

Wouldn't it be better to have a game with UE4 that looks better than any game on MEDIUM (which most gaming PCs will be able to play smoothly) settings but is also ABLE to look like the tech demo (which is running on a high end setup) for those who have the tech in their PC and those who later will? This is an argument of labeling settings really.

You are basically ASKING devs to "consolize" or limit a PC game so that the max settings run on most computers (Which wouldn't really be max). Instead, let medium settings be the "runs on most gaming computers setting" and let the devs push the tech and engine by having a max setting instead of holding back in case some people cry that they can't "max" a game?

BlackKnight2321d ago


Dude, getting a killer motherboard like that is pointless. Get a $100-140 mobo from Asus and the i7-2600K. The sandy bridges OC better than ivy bridge so far and you will only spend $450.

OC lacking:

Also, the ivy bridge compared to sandy bridge at same Ghz is less than 1% faster:

See how when the i7-3770k and the i7-2600K get 82 FPS and 81 FPS respectively at 3.5Ghz? Don't pay the extra for ivy bridge man, especially when sandy bridge OCs much better.

Get this mobo if you don't plan on SLI/CF:

This happens to be my mobo, has a rebate too. Only $110.

Just trying to help a fellow PC gamer out. Look to tomshardware's CPU and GPU charts and get an idea of PRICE/PERFORMANCE ratio. highend intel processors have this problem. You buy too high end and you pay way too much money per frames per second. (confusing but it will save you money and still get you a KILLER rig)

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crazytechfanatic2322d ago

Sad it won't run on a Wii U though

2322d ago
yabhero2321d ago

Ouch, way to butcher a quote. The Epic director was refereeing to the fact that WiiU would be showing only UE3 at E3. If iPhone is running Ue4 I guarantee WiiU is capable of running it.

crazytechfanatic2321d ago

Was it an iPhone 5 they mentioned? :P

IWentBrokeForGaming2322d ago

if WiiU can push this... I can only hope/imagine how far beyond this that the next Playstation/Xbox will go!

donman12321d ago

WiiU will run this engine. The real question is can it handle the PS4/Xbox720 level of Unreal Engine 4. Meaning will you have to dummy down the engine on the WiiU when compared to the future Xbox and PS.