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forcefullpower4669d ago

Hope fully it will be PS3 Exclusive and better than Halo. That will put the nail in the coffing for RRoD 360

shotputking4669d ago

this is getting embarassing, do you guys even think before you post?
1)it's EA, it'll be multiplatform, as is already confirmed.
2)wasn't C&C 3, you know, the newest game in the universe this was based on, on 360 and not ps3? if it's for some reason exclusive, it won't be for your ps3.

fightingILLINI4669d ago

i dont think this game will be a halo killer. why? people who love halo will love halo no matter what. even though unreal tournament 3 and call of duty 4 are better shooters they still wont give up their halo. halo fans are loyal. i dont know why people love halo, but they do. this game looks like it could be good though.

damnwrx4669d ago

"Exclusive Debut Trailer" Only
Plus it's EA so, dunno it maybe okay...FPS

TheHater4669d ago

What do you know, another FPS, with a generic story line.