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Check out this Free to Play shooter, Dust 514 from the E3 2012 Stage Show.

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Drake1172328d ago

How come every part of gameplay iv'e seen of this is in a desert? hopefully this is just one map and they have a bunch of different environments.

Bathyj2328d ago

It is called Dust. Maybe thats a clue.

Does Eve have different environments? I'm guessing if it does, so will this.

rdgneoz32328d ago

It'll probably have more environments, its just that mp betas tend to have a few maps / locations and not show all they have to offer.

Virtual_Reality2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

For now is only the temperate planets. But at 2013, CCP confirmed an expansion with non temperate environments, like planets with lava, snow, gaseous planets and other environments.
And some of them will be so hostile that it will require ships or major protection to explore for resources.
And also battles at night.

The question is, what means 5-1-4. That is what we need to figure it out when the games comes out.

Broadcastorm2328d ago

Game will ship with over 7000 maps at launch, since every planet in EVE Online universe is unique by itself, therefore every map, or as they call it district is separate by design from any other place. Type in youtube "Seeding the universe" and listen to the presentation on how they will make those maps :)

TCG_Returns2328d ago

Looks a lot better then the last video i seen.
Gunplay looks more tighter now, which was my main concern.

Gonna keep my eye on this.Has potential

MYSTERIO3602327d ago

i will definitely try this game out

PR_FROM_OHIO2327d ago

When does this come out??