E3: NetherRealm Cements Itself As Fighting Game Leader With Injustice: Gods Among Us

Injustice: Gods Among Us is NetherRealm’s promise of a continued
mission to evolve the fighting genre. Utilizing the newly revamped
costumes of DC Comics’ characters, the visual style of Injustice is
nothing short of spectacular.The core fighting of Injustice is
intense. If you’ve ever played a fighting game, you know that the
great tragedy is getting stuck in a corner. NetherRealm has finally
addressed this problem with environment benefits.

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tboyshinobi2413d ago

game looks awesome. can't wait. probably one of my favorites from what was revealed at the show along with Beyond, AC3 and The Last of Us.

frostedjuly2413d ago

come on ! The Leader ? Mortal Kombat is smi popular because of it's violence and near 20 years of history ... and that's all , none of the games in the series had great fighting mechanics instead the 3rd .... you want a TRUE fighting game ? it's called TEKKEN

Captain Qwark 92413d ago

hmmmmm i wont disagree that tekken has amazing fighting mechanics does mk. its just a different style. with all the specials and crazy shit you do, it prob wouldnt work with a tekken like system. plus having them pretty different keeps each series unique and adds variety to the genre.

i love fighting games, sometimes im in a tekken mood, sometimes im in an mk mood, sometimes i want to bust outt he weapons and hit up soul caliber, other times i want to hit up ufc. they are all different and great in their own ways. oh and sometimes i want to play some MVC or street fighter ( rarely street fighter though, solid mechanics but im awful at that one )

anyway all that said, mk is and will always be my fav, followed by tekken tag ( cant wait for 2 )

theWB272413d ago

I'm doubting the violence is the only reason its popular. Back then it was a shocker. Some consider Dead or Alive to be a superior fighting game. Until this iteration I thought soul caliber was the best.

KwietStorm2413d ago

I said the same about Mortal Kombat and I lost a bubble. People don't know the difference between disagreeing and bubbling down someone. Mortal Kombat has always been popular because its over the top and VERY bloody. But where you compare it to other FIGHTING games like Street Fighter, Tekken, or Virtua Fighter, the combat system is extremely lacking. There is no metagame like Street Fighter, and its nowhere near as technical as Tekken or VF. In no way am I saying its a bad game, but Injustice is clearly Mortal Kombat with a different skin. This doesn't make them leader of anything.

Captain Qwark 92413d ago

well being the so called "leader" is a matter of opinion. i wont argue that mk has the best fighting engine becuase i know it doesnt. that said, i still enjoy playing mk 2-3 times as much as any of those other fighting games. and what it lacks in its fighting mechanics it makes up for with other features.......x-rays, fatalities, lots of special moves, full blown story mode, challenge tower, unlockables, great characters, etc....

so for me its easily the king of fighters, injustice looks like an evolution of mk but with enough to make it its own. if it plays half as good as it looks it could be tied or top mk for me, therefore putting two of their fighting series in the top spot for me, therefore making them the leader of fighting games for me. the author prob just thinks like me, its that simple. all opinions.

Lord_Sloth2413d ago

I'm not sure they've ever been the leaders in the Fighting Game world so they can't really cement their position as such. Especially not while games like Street Fighter and Tekken are hanging around.

Sure their games are alright but...they aren't grand enough to make NR the leaders.

GammaSix2413d ago

The only people that are above them are capcom, but theyre starting to get stale

MK has always been on steady ground whether people like it or not

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