S.T.A.L.K.E.R. coming to 360?

Ukrainian developers GSC Game World are now an official Xbox 360 developer with a shiny Microsoft certificate to prove it, and unless they plan on doing the unthinkable and working on something new, STALKER is set to explode dramatically onto the 'box beneath your TV very soon

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Spike474668d ago

is stalker a good game, no seriously I've heard about it and I'm curious.

I hope all those pc devs make ports for the ps3 too because in 2008 the 360 has a bunch of pc ports not exclusives just about 4 and 2 seem promising.

Hopefully the xbox360 gets this game and ps3 gets crysis and then wii gets................. ?

Ashta4668d ago

Yes, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is a good game. I have it for PC and it's a pretty good FPSRPG.

Kinda like Fallout (sorta) but a little bit more limited and brooding. It's also pretty darn difficult. If the 360 does get this then it should be a good buy.

Rooted_Dust4668d ago

It's a pretty good game. It's a bit text heavy though, because there are no spoken parts. Your pretty much left to roam at your discretion, since there isn't a lot of direction on what you should be doing.

poos34667d ago

keep dreaming sony troll ,crysis is coming to the 360 if it were to ever come to console i doubt it will but im sure staler is going to be a great addition to the 360 exclusive line up

heyheyhey4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

you cant buy my Ukrainian bredren- get your dirt paws off my people M$

how could you this Ukraine? how could you further corrupt yourself by associating yourself with this darned company? hoooooooow coooooooould yooooooooooou?


yeah i was joking really- but i do hate M$ (not because of xbox) and why do you keep saying only 360 owners buy lots of games

i have 13 games and *GASP* only 2 blu-ray films (which i got free with PSM3 subscription)

socomnick4668d ago

Jesus calm down man. look at it this way your Ukrainian breathen will now make alot of money by making 360 games because we 360 owners buy lots of games.

socomnick4668d ago

I did not say anywhere on my comment that xbox owners are the only ones to buy games. I just mentioned that we are known to buy alot of games.

Charlie26884668d ago

My comment?

read why I posted 53 days ago...when it was actually "news"

WTF Gamesradar? >.>

Blademask4668d ago

The worlds are way too huge with very detailed graphics. I'd hate to see what it would turn into. Its one of my favorite games.

moses4668d ago

My crappy old laptop with a 2ghz penitum M, and a 6600 GT GO can run this on max on 1024x768 with around 32~40 frames...

heyheyhey4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

yeah blademask you were a little hasty with that comment- S.T.A.L.K.E.R's graphics aren't exactly going to force you to rape your own arsehole with excitement

TheIneffableBob4668d ago

moses, that's because you have dynamic lighting turned off. Dynamic lighting makes a night and day difference.

Iron Man 24668d ago

lol yet ANOTHER multiplatform game that is best on PC,poor Xbox 360

moses4668d ago

It's kind of buggy because THQ pushed the devs to rush the game out, so there still are quite a few kinks they have to fix, if they fix the bugs for the 360 version, it will be great.

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