Walmart Begins Special Playstation Vita Sale For Limited Time

Are you thinking about buying a Playstation Vita? Do you want to get a good deal on one? Well for the next few days Walmart is the place to be for all of your Vita needs with two new, limited time promotions. And when I say limited, I really mean it. The sale ends on June 9th. Read on to find out what this sale includes and where you need to go to get it.

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CommonSenseGamer2990d ago

How much store real-estate does the Vita get at walmart? They seem to get very little in the stores in NZ. If a product is moving well retailers normally dedicate a good amount of in-store real-estate.

Batmau52989d ago

Yeah, there's like no Vita shelving in the Warehouse. It's scrunched in between PS3 games and Xbox sections.

JoeReno2989d ago

Vita has taken over where the psp games use to be at both my local Walmarts. they have 2 full cases of ps3 games and one case of Vitas, games, 8Gb memory cards, and some of the most recent psp games. At least where im at Vita has a decent exposure.