Analyst: Xbox 720 Will Replace Your Cable Box

Deeming SmartGlass as the "most important thing at E3," industry analyst Michael Pachter proclaims that the Xbox 720 will replace your cable box for only $99 with a Comcast subscription.

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shackdaddy3304d ago

I rather it not. I'm sorry, it's cool tech, but I just can't see it replacing anything for me...

Tony-Red-Grave3304d ago

"will replace your cable box for only $99 with a Comcast subscription"

not with that price it isn't for some $99 i might as well get a dish or just watch stuff on hulu plus.

StanSmith3304d ago

Yeah! Can't wait for next gen graphics on my cable......wait a second?! Wasn't the Xbox a GAMES CONSOLE?

Not gonna happen for myself. Ever since Kinect released MS threw it's past consumers to the dogs. I've got nothing against the apps, but when you put more emphasis on TV deals than actual games then something is very wrong.

It'll just be WiiU and PS4 for me, unless MS pulls their heads from their asses.

ATi_Elite3304d ago (Edited 3304d ago )

Xbox is Microsoft grand scheme to be the center of attention in everyones living room for a while now.

They got PC's into everyones home and have been trying to conquer the living room every since and Xbox was the tip of the spear.

Enter the Xbox 720 and Bill Gates has found a way to get a product into every living room where MS Web TV FAILED miserably.

You could see this is where MS was going when the 360 and MS said the hell with games and turned the 360 into a media Hub these last few years although with so many units sold many 3rd party Devs made a ton of cash from 360 game sales.

With Apple TV taking off MS needs to get a 55% share of the Living room to stave off the counter-attack from it's rival Apple!

Don't know if it will work but i do know comcast SUCKS! I like [email protected] Uverse.

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black9113304d ago

Who still watches cable? Modern day Tv sucks. A bunch of Reality shows and dancing and singing shows. I just watch old 90's Tvs shows on YOutube. I Just got finished watching Anamaniacs.

TheMrFraz3304d ago

Mom's still watch cable, and Nintendo found out quick that they have the cash to dish out for simple extras. I think this speaks to the whole casual gaming market, almost. Companies focus on what the middle class families will buy, because middle class families have more money to spend than hardcore but poor college kids.

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TheMrFraz3304d ago

I doubt this would be the only way to purchase the next Xbox, just another option.

You can still buy an iPhone without a service plan, only it costs significantly more.

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Trenta273304d ago

It replaced cable for me long ago. Time Warner can go suck a big fat one.

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