New Condemned 2: Bloodshot footage

Xbox Portugal have some new footage of Condemned 2: Bloodshot. Enjoy.

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fightingILLINI4668d ago

there is a Xbox Portugal? lol! that alone is funny!

picker3324668d ago

But graphic is not an issue anymore,it's good as it is,what they really should think about is the story & the gameplay.
I mean just look' at Crysis good graphic but bad story & gameplay(in my opinion)Plus full of bug's & glitches.

AngryHippo4668d ago

....i loved the first one. Replaying it atm to get ready for the second. Condemed 2, Left 4 Dead, Silent Hill V, Resident Evil 5, oh my goodness, f-ing awesome year ahead, horror game heaven. The graphics are not the best....still looks well above average, but the tension in this game and the scare factor is fantastic and unmatched by any game in my opinion. I am glad they have done more with the forensic aspect of the game.....cant wait.

KidMakeshift4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

What's up with the light saber effects after he swings the wrench? And the combat looks more disjointed than the first one (very mechanical, especially the hand to hand moves)

Eeh, I just watched the second video. What the hell have they done? I like the first Condemned, but the dialogue and set-up for 2 is plain awful

tony4667d ago

*press (a)button to respond* = the finger. lol.