Windows Vista 2 will feature touch-screen

Windows 7, the successor to Microsoft's PC operating system Windows Vista, is to feature touch-screen technology, a Microsoft team member has stated.

Previously codenamed Blackcomb and Vienna, Windows 7 will also, according to Bill Gates, include "a pervasive typing line that will recognise the sentence that [the user is] typing in".

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decapitator4668d ago

I don't care if it will be mouse-less or whatever, I just hope they do not put an unfinished product out there and actually take time to fine tune it before putting it out on the market.

titntin4668d ago

God help us all.. operating systems that hold my hand and think they know what I want, make me shudder.. its like a word 'paperclip character' for every fuction in windows.

***TAP TAP TAP - it would appear you want to format your hard drive, shall I do it for you? TAP TAP TAP****

xsteinbachx4668d ago

so how am i going to play any MMorpg or any FPS without a mouse, and keyboard....

socomnick4668d ago

Its not going to get rid of mouse and keyboard just add touchscreen incase some users prefer it.

dilibau4668d ago

this has been known for like...AGES ago...too bad we cannot bury news like on digg...

sh1thead4668d ago

Well I would consider it news. Yes it has been mentioned on the Wikipedia page but only since 03/01/08. Not exactly AGES. You make it sound like years. And yes I guess it is too bad it can’t be buried “like on dig”. Well too bad for you. I just thought some people who visit N4G might find it interesting.

Cartesian3D4668d ago

just make it perfect.

and use apple iphone Ideas for this OS .. and dont use your brain plz.

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The story is too old to be commented.