TGS teaches Microsoft a lesson

We are just in the middle of the TGS and it seems Microsoft is already learning an invaluable lesson. Arguably, the Xbox 360 and the titles accompanying it, have always catered to Westerners and seeing how Asians gravitate towards fellow Asians (Nintendo and Sony are basically known as Japanese companies), Microsoft wastes no time to act.

Reports are now radiating from Tokyo that this American corporation will soon be opening its doors to Asian developers. Microsoft, accordingly, is also working towards securing key asian game properties. While X360 is still the only next-gen console out in the market, it is a wonder the sales remain low especially in Japan.

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THAMMER15849d ago

But I think we all knew that MS has to cater to Japan to sell to Japan. And don’t you live in Europe? Why do you hate the 360 anyway? This article is non productive. We are trying to stop all of the bickering and flaming.

Lets but down the flame bate and pick up some intelligent news articles. You guys (PS3 fan boys) need some respect and you would get more if you guys tone down on the hate.

You can keep the shoe I do not need it any more. LOL

FeralPhoenix5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

This news article doesn't make alot of sense:

"Reports are now radiating from Tokyo that this American corporation will soon be opening its doors to Asian developers."-----No, M$ has always had the door open for Asian developers, its taken awhile for Asian developers to finally start supporting M$ a little. M$ has been trying to secure Japanese dev's support since the Xbox, with little or no luck, and now a few of them have actually decided to support the 360. Companies like Square Enix have all but told M$ to kiss their a$$ first pledging to support M$ but releasing old version of FF on the 360 while supporting Sony with the announcement of the latest version....and other Japanese companies have also cleary favored Sony.

Now if the point of this article is to say that despite M$ gaining support of a few top Janpanese dev's with some great exclusive games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey that Sony and Nintendo will easily beat M$ sales in Japan....then they are absolutely right. Hands down, M$ will continue to lose in Japan, but M$ isn't stupid they know this, but they will keep pushing even if and gaining one customer at a time. As a gamer, you have to respect that.

calderra5849d ago

If Microsoft can't win in Japan with Lost Oddyssey, Blue Dragon, Enchanted Arms.... Capcom, Team Ninja, Squaresoft (even if the support is soft)... and Street Fighter, Pac-Man...

C'mon! There's exactly one territory in the entire world that doesn't love Xbox 360- and that's Japan.

kingboy5849d ago (Edited 5849d ago )

lol i never fight i just deliver what i see.hehe life`s a b*tch aint it! As a matter of fact i`m playing xbox 360 right now while u b*tching up

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The story is too old to be commented.