Hitman Absolution Director Apologises for Sexy Nun Trailer - Still Misses the Point

Tek Syndicate: We don't want IO and Square Enix to be apologetic for offending us. We want them to apologize for their marketing methods. Furthermore, we want them to understand why all there is controversy in the first place.

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FrightfulActions3233d ago

Lol. There is no point. Sexism, really? I imagine that makes the 'entertainers' of gentleman's clubs very sexist. Not to mention the cover model on almost every magazine. It'd be different if this was something 'new' for Hitman, but really, it isn't. In game called Hitman that places you in the shoes of a serial-killer assassin that hunts down targets and kills them in a various matter of ways and avoids police, the one thing people want to be morally high-and-mighty about is that some female avatars in the game are depicted erotically? The game places you in the shoes of a literal hitman assassin. You kill people. Murder people. Poison, strangle, shoot, stage 'accidents'. Very fun games in the past, too.

Imagine if Agent 47 felt that way. Just gets done strangling some nightworker, undressing him for his suit, then stuffing the corpse in a dumpster. Then see's a woman clad in a very revealing outfit. "Thats so shameful and sexist, have you no morals or standards lady?"

Female characters that play the role of enemy instead of the damsel in distress? They can even die instead of being the only "immortal npc" in the game? That all sounds like being equal to me. Its not like 47 is grabbing at their breasts and sexually assaulting them. If he were, okay, I see a problem.

They tired to kill him, he kicks their asses. I somehow don't think he thought "oh look, women, lets show them their place and kill them". Probably more like "enemies, tried to kill me, must eliminate the threat."

Coincidentally, it's just a bloody game. A game aimed for mature audiences. Have fun and enjoy killing people in creative methods, stop caring that the women in it may or may not expose thigh. If anything they're wearing significantly more clothing than a lot of chicks I've seen, and they were in this thing called 'reality'.

easthastings3233d ago

Great points and well articulated.

freakinglogan3232d ago

dude... great points but you addressed nothing in my article. Did you even read it? I actually agree with you! I am not offended... I do not care about sex or sexy characters... when it makes sense.

The fact is that I am tired of being pandered to. That trailer stimulated my groin... that's it. The games are much more than this. They actually stimulate my brain. They are creative. They force you to solve problems (I have been playing Hitman since the first game).

I totally agree with all of your points. I said nothing against violence against females. He had every right to kill them, they attacked. I said nothing about sexy being bad or wrong. I am not a prude. I am a photographer and I've shot around 20,000 nude images.

The point of my article is this: They obviously decided to use that bit of material because they knew it would pander to the lowest common denominator. The games are deeper than this. It's a really lame way to sell... and I find it insulting that they think this is what we want to see.

RioKing3232d ago (Edited 3232d ago )

"I am a photographer and I've shot around 20,000 nude images."

LOL you must be a comedian also! You do realize looking up a picture on Google is different than actually taking one, right?

FrightfulActions3232d ago

I did actually read it. Like I said at the start of my post: There is no point.

You're upset not because its smutty but because they belittle you by advertising it to you in that matter, as if you could be pandered by something as trivial as CGI nuns in latex. What are we, 15 year old's giggling about boobies? A very fair point.

If you really think that's what they're doing, anyway. Instead of looking at it as their attempt to make you want to buy it for virtual tits, maybe they just genuinely wanted to show you something cool. Agent 47 took down a bunch of psychotic nuns strapped with automatic weapons. The only thing that could had made it better is if there was a equally psychotic father there preaching about being the "vengeance of god". This is something you definitely don't see in many games these days. It's rather unique. It's not new ground for Hitman game's however. It's nice to see Hitman is still Hitman and not censoring itself and toning itself down to be more politically correct. This should be a good thing and yet we have people crying over some nuns exposing flesh and being killed. Oh my, the atrocity.

For the record, what you consider pandering, I find amusing. You were sexually stimulated by that trailer? Really? You were focused too much on the nuns and not enough on 47 kicking ass in CGI. Watch it when you're not aroused and you might enjoy it for more than just apparent 'eye candy'. Lol... what a generation we live in these days.

Hicken3232d ago

I thought it was badass. I didn't care one bit about how "sexy" the women were. The intense action was awesome. Their outfits rather worked with the trailer, to be honest, so I didn't see a problem.

You reacted to the basest of appeals; there was more to it, but that seems to be what fascinated you. That's not the developer's fault, since there was obviously more to be gleaned from the trailer. It's your own, for reacting to it. How, then, can you be offended?

Trenta273233d ago

The trailer was brilliant.
It fit with the series perfectly.
End of story.

Whatever happened to the days where we just made games for the fun of it? Games without all this criticism. People are looking into it way too much.

GammaSix3233d ago

Why do people get so butthurt over the dumbest things, seriously grow up its a game and they wanted to do something interesting.

rataranian3233d ago

The point is death. And I'm getting the point. Day 1.

majiebeast3233d ago

I was offended cause it didnt turn into porn i want a apology 2!

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