Frontlines:Fuel of War multiplayer preview at

GamingNexus has posted their impressions of the multiplayer component of Frontlines:Fuel of War. For the most part they liked what they saw and mention that it compares favorably to the multiplayer component of Call of Duty 4.

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deadpreacher4670d ago

I wasn't to impressed with this game at first, but since i waited a week or so to retry the demo again. Well its starting to grow on me. Once you step back from COD4 and really take a look at this game and learn how to really play it right. It turns into a good game! Now im taken a second look at it and reading up on it more. I now can't wait to get my hands on it and do some MP online right away!

maynardjames4624669d ago

After playing the single player demo I was a bit disapointed. But, I've heard that they're making some changes to the game and that the retail version will be much better than that early demo.

I can't wait for the multiplayer demo coming out in February and the game is suppose to ship at the end of February.

Why game on arenas, when you can game on battlefields? Can't wait for Frontlines:FoF and Battlefield:BC!

kwicksandz4669d ago

Desert combat was the best mod i have ever played of any engine. it breathed new life to 1942 and made bf2 feel hollow in comparison.

i have BIG hopes for this games MP, but like they said i hope the sort vehicle controls out. in the the sp demo the drone was undrivable