Ray Tracing and Gaming - One Year Later

This article is intended to be a follow up article to one released about a year ago through PC Perspective. A lot of things have changed since then. Real-time ray tracing for desktop machines is just around the corner.

How will ray tracing for games hit the market? Many people expect it to be a smooth transition – raster only to raster plus ray tracing combined, transitioning to completely ray traced eventually. They think that in the early stages, most of the image would be still rasterized and ray tracing would be used sparingly, only in some small areas such as on a reflecting sphere.

It is a nice thought and reflects what has happened so far in the development of graphics cards. So it is understandable that people have it in their minds that ray tracing should be introduced in small steps. The only problem is: Technically it makes no sense.

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cloud360-7th_account4669d ago

More time neededf for Ray Tracing.

PS3 will then used 4D.

2D is Flat 3D is 3D. people think 4D doesn exust because of this.

the fourth dimension is time

Johnny Blaze4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

I may be ignorant to this but would Rumble or motion senseing be considered 4d..If not then what is????

Edit*must not have seen that "time" sentence...Opps

I got it now...The game pretty much ages .As in grass trees people etc etc..

El_Colombiano4667d ago

Yup, 4D is aging in real time. apparently the PS3 is the only console capable of rendering it in real time. The 360 is so close to being able to do it too, but it's processor is too weak to do it in real time. I think Wiki said that the PS3 does it in real time while it takes days to do it on the 360. Anyway so all that talk about the PS3 doing 4D wasn't all BS in the end, awesome.

heyheyhey4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

i heard Gran Turismo 5 will use ray-tracing- cant wait to see it in action


thanks, i hate this bubbles thing- i mean an incoherent idiot like poos3 has 5 bubbles and i try to post intelligent stuff and i go down to 3

anyway thanks guys for the GT:P update- i had no idea, i hope GT5 is fully or almost fully ray-traced so it can look even more awesome than it already does

oh and BTW isn't it obvious- i say something good about ps3, POG gets annoyed and angry, takes away bubble

the bubble thing is innovative, but has some flaws

LJWooly4669d ago

I don't think ray-tracing will really make that much of a difference, but I wouldn't know until I've actually seen the game in action, which won't be for about a year, probably.

GT5 Prologue looks damn near photrealistic, so I can't wait to see how great GT5's going to look...

Rybnik4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Prologue IS partially ray-traced. The scenes with the pit-crew use real-time ray-tracing, maybe the car selection portions too, not sure on that one though.
Ahh thanx for the correction Jolly.

JOLLY14669d ago

It isn't real time ray tracing. The garage scenes are pre-rendered. Each car has the ray tracing baked in to it, it looks great though. There is no real time ray tracing in gt

LJWooly4669d ago

Hey, thanks, you two. I had no idea about the ray-tracing in Prologue (i'm a bit of a noob when it comes to graphical stuff) so bubbles to you two for being informative.

Heyheyhey, you also get a bubble because you could use some :)

Though i don't understand why you lost two, as far as I know you're not that bad. Well, whatever...

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Avto4669d ago

I'm sure no one in the right mind thought ray tracing would be just around the corner I mean this stuff is not for PS3 and X360 and so far they or at least one of them is the maind console driving game sales so why bother by making a PC game and spending lots of $ if no one can will buy it

voice_of_ reason4668d ago

I remember seeing a tech demo on youtube of a ps3 (it was 3 ps3's connected actually) that was doing ray tracing and casting in real time... I thought it was pretty cool.

Rice4668d ago

Is it possible to incorparate the ray tracing method to help graphics for game. Or is it a waste of money and time and wouldnt make a big difference....