Sony: Nintendo is losing audience, not expanding it

In an interview with GameDaily, Sony VP Jack Tretton spoke out about the PSP versus DS market share battle. He believes according to early adoption rates of both the PSP and DS that Nintendo may actually be losing its core gamer audience instead of expanding upon it. From the interview:

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Sphinx5849d ago

Oh, I see, he's blowing it out his arse. What a bunch of BS. If this guy did any research whatsoever, he would see that the DS is whooping the PSP's butt... and more and more older people are getting a DS for games like Brain Age. Kids and grandparents and those in between all have reasons to play the DS. Oh, and I see the same thing happening with the Wii. I can definitely see my parents buying a Wii after trying it out at my house. Why? Because my dad loves to play sports, but it getting old and can't really get out to do that... so if he could actually play a round of golf, or swing a "bat" or "tennis racket" while being able to take a break and drink some iced tea whenever he wants, how could life get any better?!

ScorpioKyle5849d ago

Exactly, and from seeing how many units I sell at my store, the DS is outselling the PSP. Some weeks its on a 10-1 ratio.

FeralPhoenix5849d ago

Right or Wrong, just say whatever sounds good.....its Ken's motto.

zonetrooper55849d ago

Well Sony know for a fact that they are losing to the nintendo DS. I would rather have a DS than a PSP. Still, sony know that the console race is going to get closer as nintendo and MS are closing in. Also kingboy posted this news post which shows he thinks that everything that sony says is true.

wakkiwakko5849d ago

Shhhh! That's blasphemy!

Shadow5849d ago

Sony never actually set-out to fight the DS, it was aimed at an entirely different demographic. Even more importantly, Sony managed to carve out a niche for itself in the Nintendo dominated handheld market. That itself is worth its weight in gold-plated PSP's. Taking a step further, Sony even managed to turn a profit on the PSP venture.

Jay da 2KBalla5849d ago

Nah. DS is beatin psps ass. Plain and simple. If the wii sold the most wont nobody be sayin "O well wii is targeting a different audience" This is the same situation.

kewlkat0075849d ago

So shadow, would you say the same thing for the Xbox and MS, carving a niche too and stealing some marketshare from sony and the PS?

Either way PSP/DS are in the same market bro. I don't know what demographics your talking about since you seem to know more then Sony" themselves. I wonder what demographics? I Think Nintendo will do well because of thier demographic audience. Kiddies love them games and as well as nostalgic players.

They are more innovative with thier hardware and will merit lots of unsuspecting users and turn grandmas into gamers.

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The story is too old to be commented.