Mark Rein answers your questions

The co-founder of Epic has visited Guardian Unlimited's blog and answered every single one of the questions put to him by readers...

Among other things, the following topics were covered:
- Future of user-generated content on consoles.
- Release date for 360 version of UT3.
- UnrealEd that runs on a console.
- Whether Gears 2 is coming this year or not.
- Cross platform play between the PC, PS3 and 360.
- Home integration in the PS3 version of UT3.
- PS3 and PC sales of UT3.
- User-generated content on the Xbox 360.
- Gears of War PC issues.
- Assault mode for UT3.
- Crysis, and the supplied modding tools.
- Whether extra content for the PC version of Gears of War be made available on the 360 or not.

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decapitator4698d ago

With this interview, I can most certainly confirm that, there wont be any 360 version of UT3. The next announcement that we hear will be for EU launch. And by this, One can most certainly hope that, Gears 2 will be unveiled ad GDC.

Great interview by the way and thanks for posting.

Maddens Raiders4698d ago

but the overarching theme of this entire Q&A session left only one idea in my mind regarding Rein's and Epic's thoughts in general (right now):

Sony's PS3 > Microsoft's XBox360

-seriously, read it.

Sez 4698d ago (Edited 4698d ago )

i like how he dodged the question." How are sales on PS3 holding up?
by answering we are pleased with the sales. my question is how many sold on ps3. since no game made the top ten in NA.

like he's really going to say." with the recent sale of the ps3 version of UT3. we are very disappointed in the turn out of low sales of the pc/ps3 version".

Maddens Raiders4698d ago

"Mark Rein: "We're very pleased with the early sales on PS3."

((((vega75's fanboy paraphrasing: "i like how he dodged the question." How are sales on PS3 holding up?
by answering we are pleased with the sales))))

He,[MR] did not just say that they are pleased, but that they are *very pleased. That's a dodge huh? Please try again.

mikeslemonade4698d ago

No, you have to give the 360 the benefit of the doubt here because Mark Reign in interviews is very tight with his product and right now his priority is selling more copies of UT3 on PS3 and then UT3 on PC. The game is coming to 360. UT3 is an okay game at best without the mods so it would be Microsoft's best benefit to change their guidelines.

Doctor Strange4698d ago

Not a bad interview but I hope they can sort out the mod aspects with Microsoft. The mods so far has been the best part about UT3 and if they can make easier to find and install game like they said in the interview that would great.

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The story is too old to be commented.