Windows Vienna to feature multiple video cards compatibility writes: "There are two things that we gamers should be interested in concerning the next-gen OS (yes Vista is already last gen...): first, Microsoft's intention to release Vienna only in 64-bit version. Although TG Daily said that Windows Blackcomb is currently available in both 64 and 32-bit versions, the Redmond giant made it clear that Vista will be its last operating system to feature compatibility with 32-bit CPUs. The second aspect is what TG Daily calls the "heterogeneous graphics system", which means that Vienna will somehow be compatible with multiple video cards, from different manufacturers."

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YoMeViet4668d ago

Awesome I rather wait for this than waste my time on Vista, even if it's a long wait my XP is alright for the time being.

Syko4668d ago

I have a feeling your not the only one that feels like that, lol.

decapitator4668d ago

That would be so awesome. I can't wait till the day that Nvidia and ATI graphics card can co-exist with each other...that'd be the day.

marinelife94668d ago

That's exactly what I was thinking. Forget Vista.

anh_duong4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

true but i heard this will work on a subscription service unlike vista and xp. ms intends to charge people for regular updates and usage a la xbox360. they don't want the cyclical revenue nature of the old business model.

don't believe then google "vienna ms subscription based"

gta_cb4668d ago

"Microsoft says it might also make a subscription-based version of the OS available to consumers, but that's still in flux."

i noticed the words "might" and "version" so im guessing they will just offer different CD keys which you will have to repay every year or something to make it affordable for consumers, but then offer a package like today. well thats what im thinking, anyway if anyone wants a read then look here

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mighty_douche4668d ago

What, id prefer them to concentrate on sorting out Vista... or will they just be dumping that soon?

pwnsause4668d ago

well hearing about these rumors of a new Windows OS says it all, they're going to dumb it

mighty_douche4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

*personal plea to Apple*

Push into the gaming market pleeeeeease, ive had enough of being cheated by M$ and their shoddy OS'.....

Cartesian3D4668d ago

I have a Macbook pro with Leopard and XP

Leopard is the most userfriendly THING iv ever used . yes it has little problems but no where near WINDOWS ..

So F***ing FAST , and SAFE .. the only problem that I must have XP beside Leopard (thanks to Bootcamp) is GAMES

GAMES.. steve can u hear me ???

GIJeff4668d ago

If people actually start using macs, then people will write more viruses for them. Macs arn't invinceable, and now they feature PC components.

Bonsai12144668d ago

speaking of apple, i wonder what features from leopard they're going to rip for this new os. i'm willing to bet quick look, time machine, and maybe automator.

Pain4668d ago

Apple did Make those Banners that said 'Get Your Fhoto Copyers Ready'
M$ listined and been hard at work~trying.

gta_cb4668d ago

that companies copy successful ideas from each other which will in end improve their own product which is why competition is good because then for one company to offer something better they will have to improve on that idea or think of something entirely new which is better for the consumer as prices on the older products wouldnt go down as quick :)

competition is good remember everyone while your flaming

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Azurite4668d ago

Just put the performance bit in focus and it'll be a hit.

Cartesian3D4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

but it wont be same as XP ..

because MAIN structure is a problem. they must make a whole new OS for solving that problem.. and they cant get rid of it with just a Service pack or a patch..

and the other problem is EXPENCIVE hardware, u cant buy RAM or graphic cards like before.. (just see the price range for every piece of hardware and compare it to 5 years ago )

when I bought XP , I put a 128Mb ram on my laptop and it get EXTREMELY faster than before . with just 50 BUCKS

but right now u must spend atleast 1000 bucks to have a FASTER experience. (whole new system, not just use another 1GB ram)

Odion4668d ago

thats not true at all, you spend 50 bucks and put in a gig of ram and your going to see noticeable increase in your loading, and the amount of things you can have open

GIJeff4668d ago

you can get 2 gigs of ddr2 dual channel 6400 for 50 bucks on newegg.

Cartesian3D4668d ago

I SAID 50 bucks for FASTER EXPERIENCE ... not 50Bucks for more RAM ..

1GB >>> 50 bucks >>> 2GB

but nothin goin to happen.. vista will eat other 1GB aswell as the first one..

if u not believe me , read some articles about ram usage in VISTA .

jaja14344668d ago

Vista uses all available ram, by design. Despite what people think, you never want to have RAM just sitting around doing nothing. You always want to have your RAM to have as close to 100% use as possible, which is exactly what Vista does, and XP does to a lesser extent.

However if you just talking about RAM that Vista does not give up when another program is started then yes Vista uses more RAM. But well it's obvious that it would. It's a newer program after all.

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Cartesian3D4668d ago

anyway thx :) .. I will wait for next OS. vista is Completely Bull SH!T

dilibau4668d ago (Edited 4668d ago )

I preferred linking to playfuls instead of TGdaily because it has to do more with gaming than with the manufacturing details included in TGdaily's article ;)

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