HD TVs get cheaper but UK is still a rip-off writes:

"The price of high-definition LCD TVs is falling, with full-HD 1080p sets dropping faster than 720p ones. That's according to new research from WitsView Technology, which also shows that average prices in the UK are still much higher than in other parts of the world.

Prices of TVs are lowest in the US and China, with some models costing 32 per cent less than the equivalent ones in the UK and Japan."

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predator4669d ago

us brits get screwed over all the bloody time, everything is more expensive. pm do something

P4KY B4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

there is a petition for Jeremy Clarkson to be PM.
and last time i heard it had over 32,000 names.

I agree we do get ripped off, especially with cars.

predator4669d ago

hahahahahahaha yeah ive heard that but didnt know it had so many sigs, thats great, we would get no tax, petrol cheaper and car insourance will be down, yeah baby could get my EVO a year earlier

resistance1004668d ago

Yes its a rip off..not really

Remember a few things.

UK has 17.5% Tax added before, US has tax after and its much less but in the US you have to pay for things like health care