Top 10 Movies of the 80's That Should Have Been Games

Rob McCauley at NewsPail Writes:

"We here at Newspail love the 80's. Everything, from the Piano Tie to Molly Ringwold, sends shivers down our collective fanboy spines. The best thing about the 80's was of course the music, but a close second was the movies and the games that we got from them. However, we noticed there were a number of classic 80's movies that were never blessed with a transition into video game format."

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Winter47th4662d ago

Wasn't the guy in the photo convicted for having child pornography on his computer?

Drekken4662d ago

He was caught masterbating watching a porn

King20084662d ago

FTW...he got a little crazy whackin off at a drive-in but his movies was the stuff of legends growing up. Francis stole his bike...that fat bastard.

retro4662d ago

man, I should watch that Breakin 2, Flashdance and Starfighter movies right now...

when do they make the games for the movies?


dolbex4662d ago

I don't know why people rock on Paul Rubin so hard. So he was beat'n it. You show me a guy that says he never spent a little 1 on 1 time by himself and I'll show you a liar. :)

Rubin was a fun actor with a bad ass kids show that went beyond the typical crap that was on TV when I was a kid. I feel sorry for the guy...

The only thing I wished Rob had added to the list was Ferris Buller's Day Off.

Drekken4662d ago

I wasn't bashing him... he is a funny guy.

But in all honesty... 1 on 1 by yourself... He wasnt by himself.

dolbex4662d ago

Drekken, you do have a point there - I guess I just get defensive about Rubin because he made a stupid mistake and pretty much lost his entire career over it. Well... maybe Buffy the Vampire Slayer lost his career... so two mistakes... :)