Top 7 Geek Panties (for girls) says, "It's hard finding cute gaming clothes for girls...or at least hard finding anything that's not a size large or extra large. Guys get kick ass geek clothing, so I figured there has to be some awesome stuff out there for girls only; and there is...panties! Every girl loves cute panties, they make us feel sexy and attractive, so I went on a hunt for the Top 7 geek/gaming panties for girls. It's just like when we were young and we were so proud of our Disney Princess or Care Bear underwear. Ladies, now we can show our passion for all things geek even when we are in our undies!"

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WilliamRLBaker4670d ago

actually hoes? i mean it just seems any gamer girl thats known and in the media is......a hoe....

SL1M DADDY4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

Sorry, but not all gaming girls in the industry are hoes bud. Just because some gaming chick wants to wear gaming panties doesn't necessarily make them a hoe... lol

Kotaku4670d ago

Yo mama be playing dirty games and I don't see you calling her a hoe dumb ass hypocrite

ar4670d ago

Last time I check hoe was slang for prostitute which means someone who exchange sexual services for payment.
Any other usage of the word hoe is to me just a very disparaging way to referee to someone with a promiscuous lifestyle.

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mighty_douche4670d ago

"gaming news"?? i dont think so...

Oh William, My GF isnt a hoe and see knows far more about media/tech than you.... what an idiot....

Syko4670d ago (Edited 4670d ago )

The "Bonus stage" and the "Achievement Locked" would be funny if you weren't expecting it...As for the "Space Invaders" outfit, I hope they make that in + Sizes because I don't see hot girls wearing that! (Sorry I almost made it without stereotyping, lol)

...Cue Catastrophe and Demon Zoul to bust my balls =P 3...2..1.

[email protected], I don't know I just think the Space Invaders are I picture some girl that never leaves her computer for 23 hours a day and looks like Jabba the Hut....Maybe that's just me though =)

HeartlesskizZ4670d ago

I don't see nothing wrong with this underwear other then funny...especially the one with the achievement locked =D

SilvaSurfa4670d ago

Yeah right. those are fookin sexxy. I love the Xbox pair Achievment unlocked... I juss think it would make sense if a girl had that tatted where the sun don't

Come on bro lets be serious. If you take home a chick and get her in the sack she drops he jeans and on her undies it says " Achievement Unlocked" im sorry but thats gunna bring my already 10' to an instant 15'. he he

Syko4670d ago

Anyone else notice that all the stories like this (Girl related) and the one about "Games that get you Laid" heat up very quickly but don't have to many comments...Says a lot about the amount of dumb little trolls on this site....I want all the little trolls to do me a favor and click disagree on this post. Just want to do a little survey. It's right here at the bottom. Clicky Clicky. :)

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