No 1080i in Uncharted PAL after all

Sony has confirmed to Eurogamer what some of you have been arguing about in our forum - that the European version of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune doesn't support 1080i resolution after all.

"Naughty Dog only added it to the US version very late in the development process," Sony told Eurogamer. "Including this in the PAL version would have meant delaying the game's release as a result of QA testing each localised version again."

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TheMART4669d ago

Nice.... So I guess PAL users should import the USA version instead?

Hapimeses4669d ago

Yuppers. Those unfortunate souls with older tvs are looking at importing or suffering a lower res. Not an issue for me, but if it was, I'd be kinda upset about this.

iMad4668d ago

This is a smart move from Sony to rise up NPD sales numbers :)))

illizit4668d ago

I really don't understand what the issue is! I have a 1080p screen however, if I go to system settings and uncheck 720p and leave only 1080i and 1080p checked then ALL my games automatically go to 1080p. This includes:


Now, on my old TV that was only 1080i I only checked 1080i and all those games I just mentioned went to 1080i automatically. Try it for yourself.

SL1M DADDY4669d ago


Glad they came out and made it clear though. It sucks for those that do not have an up to date HDTV but from the sounds of it, this is not a huge issue in the PAL areas like it is in NA.

predator4669d ago

this this the reason why it sometimes tears since im runing mine at 1080i?

TheMART4669d ago

Is Uncharted tearing? Was playing it a friends place, looked allright although I expected it to look better. Tearing would be sh!tty though

Hapimeses4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Contrary to the almost universal acclaim Uncharted seems to accrue, it does have screen tearing issues; not many, but they are there.

Yes, a great game, and one I enjoyed immensely, but not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. Then again, I wasn't expecting it to be, unlike many others; it is Naughty Dog's first PS3 game, after all, and their first foray into the pulp/Tomb Raider genre.

Having completed it, I'm very, very keen to see how the next one turns out. A game of Uncharted's quality, but with all the wrinkles smoothed out, would be truly exceptional (especially if it were just a little longer), and I'm expecting nothing less from Uncharted 2.

PirateThom4669d ago

My PAL version has no tearing issues, in fact it runs perfectly.

Maybe the 1080i is the problem.

Hapimeses4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Well, perhaps I'm just unlucky, or just more discerning; who can be sure? Out of interest, what tv are you playing it on?

I'm running the PAL version on a Sony KDL-40X3500 (which, being Sony's big, bad boy, obviously renders 1080p).


PirateThom4669d ago

It's possible it does have tearing and I haven't noticed. That said, I do tend to notice major flaws, so if it's minor, I won't. I'm not sure how bad it is in Uncharted.

My TV is a Toshiba 32C3030D, accepts up to 1080p input, but outputs max 1080i.

ravinash4668d ago

Lucky the game play and story pulls you in enough that any screen tearing you hardly notice.

Hapimeses4668d ago

Yeah, the screen tearing wasn't too common for me, but it was there. It generally only occured in larger environments, such as when you whip the camera about to view the vista around the U-boat in the jungle.

So, I can imagine many would miss it if not looking for it, but I'm a perfectionist, and always spot these things.


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