Advance Wars: Dark Conflict First Impressions from Eurogamer

It's hard not to have mixed feelings about Dark Conflict. Wi-Fi multiplayer aside, it's somewhat unexciting as a package, and if you feel Advance Wars ennui setting in then Dark Conflict will do little to reawaken your enthusiasm. On the other hand, purists will be delighted that it has unbroken all the stuff that didn't need fixing in the first place, and tinkered with this near-perfect strategy template with both restraint and imagination. In pure tactical terms it's shaping up to be the best game since the first, and the better of the two DS versions by some distance, and Eurogamer are sure that will be borne out by more extended and deep play come the game's release next week. It's just a shame that, in finding its way again, Advance Wars has lost so much of its soul, and its style.

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ItsDubC4668d ago

This actually touches on one of my biggest fears for this title - that the darker and forboding feel/storyline might be too much of a departure from the bright and motivating atmosphere that has defined the series thusfar. Perhaps the series is "growing up"?