TGS 06: PS3 Ninja Gaiden detailed

Famitsu reports Ninja Gaiden Sigma will include the complete version of the Xbox game Ninja Gaiden. Ryu Hayabusa will be able to dual-wield with entirely overhauled graphics. It did not specifically mention the Ninja Gaiden redux, Ninja Gaiden Black, which included the bonus Hurricane Packs plus extra missions.

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Logan5857d ago (Edited 5857d ago )

You see, ps3 is coming out with great games, I dont know why people complain about it, and thinking its gona go out of business.

LiquifiedArt5857d ago

A good brand, never been disapointed with sony products, and the ps franchise rox

no_more_heroes5857d ago

You PS3 fans are going to LOVE this game. Believe me if you didn't play it on the xbox you will see what you were missing and then some.

LiquifiedArt5857d ago

played it on xbox, proably there best game, that and Halo