'Ultimate Game Chair' a moving experience

Like racing? Sports? Just take a seat, and you're in the game. Video-gaming chair moves with the action. KNTV's Scott Budman reports.

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travelguy2k4669d ago

thats pretty cheap, $299 USD. Bet i never see one for me to purchase.

SKUD4669d ago

Cheap indeed. I was expecting more along the lines of $499US.

Rooted_Dust4669d ago

I think it's funny that they are interviewing the CEO of Ultimate Game Chair while he is wearing a pair of 3D goggles.

jmiscavish4669d ago

Their website says they're available at Sam's clubs. Also, it's just vibrating, not moving. The ultimate game chair doesn't even work with the 360 because M$ has encrypted the rumble controls.

My biggest concern is that it requires the RCA plug. You have to run separate video and audio now, sort of nullifying the HDMI. Pretty much a step backward in my book.

skitzoid4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

the one you are most comfortable gaming in. If you want an experience that will blow this chair away pick up a ButtKicker and connect it to the bottom of what ever chair you like or already own.

A buttkicker is a tactile transducer and it can be adjusted to give you as little or much kick that you choose. I sit between two powered subs so I have so much tactile vibriation I almost stutter when I am done a long gaming session.