1UP's Burnout Paradise review: PS3 edition sports a slight visual edge

But which platform offers the consummate version of Paradise? While the PlayStation 3 edition sports a slight visual edge (a few superior textures, no screen tearing) and arguably superior controller triggers, the Xbox 360 offering plays identically, and both sport that amazingly intuitive online interface. And since the PS3 version fails to deliver a custom soundtrack option (blame Sony), the Xbox 360's ability to rescue you from a cavalcade of crappy Burnout 2 track remixes and Avril Lavigne nonsense can't be underestimated.

Score: 9/10

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The Wood4669d ago

who really cares (minor differences). If you do care then you may have been caught up in this fanboy crap.

play games people im out

eyeballpauluk4669d ago

from being an owner of both consoles, i like to know which is best tho, so i can buy it for the better version...

nothing worse than buying a multiplatform game then finding out you bought the wrong one!

For example, I bought Splinter cell for the ps3, before realising it had terrible framerate issues! So if this looks a little better on PS3, then ill get it for that...

The Wood4669d ago

the 360 version will probably get the same score but if that was the other way around there would probably be a .5 difference in the scores (typical 1up) if its not rumble its online if its not that its custom soundtracks. When that comes it'll probably be achievements and when that comes they'll say the pads got shapes on its buttons instead of

im really out this time

eLiNeS4669d ago

if you have both a Xbox 360 and a PS3 then the easy choice at the moment would be the Xbox 360 since you have rumble, you earn achievements and you can play your own music. This will change for the PS3 but until it does...

mikeslemonade4668d ago

This is basically the first game that is definitively better on PS3, so the growth starts right from here. Sony allows the option for the developer to not support in game music and I think this idea will be best long term because developers can use those assets to make a better game. Right now those assets aren't that much of a difference, but development for the PS3 is still fairly early. In game music is pretty high on things on want for every game and is a feature that im pretty jealous on 360, but allowing in game music as an option is probably the best way because it gives the developer more potential and you probably have atleast 3 devices in your room that play music already.

bruiser814668d ago

elines: i got my rumble controller for christmas so yeah ps owners have an option to get rumble if they really want it, even the burnout demo is rumble enabled. Ps3 may not have a concrete system for it but most of their games have achievements warhawk and uncharted being great examples. Plus ps3 gamers are lucky with this game cause they get the same online gaming experience with this game as the 360 and its free

sonarus4668d ago

i have both consoles i also have a dual shock 3 from japan. Not really much of an achievment junkie achievments in no way influence my decision to buy a game. If it was mgs4 maybe because mgs4 is a game i knw i will be finishing at least 5 times so would be nice to get unlockable achievements for maybe playing the whole game without any alerts or something and getting super stealth like they had in mgs3 or not killin any bosses and get hidden camoflague (like the ones where all bad guys had to salute you even if you were in alerts status lol). not to discredit any game for not having great unlockables however mgs is the only game i care about enough to actually put in the extra effort to get these so called "achievements". That being said custom soundtracks is a big deal for me and i have been patiently waiting for it for me thats the biggest advantage xbox has over ps3 and also better interface but i really wasnt planning to get burnout anyway the demo is too much of a depature from the old game. The took out essential things from the game so looks like its gt5 prologue for my driving fix then. Was eagerly anticipating burn out though

s8anicslayer4668d ago

if you want rumble, buy a dual shock 3 from ebay, all games basicaly support it any ways! it looks better on ps3 then that's the one for me, hands down

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Why o why4669d ago

if it were the other way around........... i dont even need to finish

raerae284668d ago

If its not one thing its another....

zambrota4668d ago

1up usually bashes PS3

I think this is the first time we are seeing 1up praising a ps3 game

THE TERMINATOR4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

There you go Ps3 craps over 360. With Crysis not coming for technical reasons you xbots are in for a rough 2008.

Below; sorry mate even after the update the Ps3 version of Oblivion still looks better just read the IGN review. Just shows you how powerful the Ps3 really is.

P4KY B4669d ago (Edited 4669d ago )

Games made on PS3 and ported to 360 look better on PS3.
Games made on 360 and ported to PS3 look better on 360.

Below: After the update the 360 version looks better. But the HDD on the PS3 does give it an advantage with the loading times.

Nik4669d ago

What about Oblivion?

rhood0224668d ago

the ps3 version of oblivion still looks better, even after the update for the 360. have both, played both.

i Shank u4668d ago

Oblivion for PS3 has a year additional dev time. damn right it better have looked better on PS3; they had an extra year!

agreed p4kyB. burnout was designed on ps3; looks best on ps3. Splinter Cell:DA was designed on 360; looked best on 360. pretty cut and dry

SL1M DADDY4669d ago

As it would seem so, the PS3 version is better in terms of graphics and such but the writer seems tepid about not stepping on any Xbox fans toes with the whole "custom soundtracks" issue. For a year we have heard nothing but slams on the PS3 graphics and fame rates only to have a few games released superior to the competitions and what do they write about? The custom soundtracks... Can't these editors just give up the ghost and stop finding (or digging for that matter) silly idiosyncrasies about the PS3 and its difference between the other console? You sure don't hear them bashing the Wii for no custom soundtrack options...

Let's face it, Criterion made the game with the PS3 in mind and ported it over to the 360 and came up with a game that looks great on both consoles. However, just as with the ports from 360 to PS3, there are minor issues that should in fact keep the review score higher for the PS3 and lower for the 360 just as it has been the case between the systems for the past year.

This is time when we get to see how fake these sites are when they knock the 360 versions of such games and yet give it the same or better score than the games developed with the PS3 in mind. My guess is that reviewed separately, they would have given this game on the 360 an exact same score or even better despite the fact that it has screen tearing and lesser textures...

ReBurn4668d ago

If the differences are only slight graphical issues then why should the PS3 version score higher? Graphics are only one criteria for scoring. The fact that the 360 version has the ability to have custom soundtracks and the PS3 version does not easily makes up for the graphical issues that the review mentions. Since the gameplay is said to be identical I think that it sounds right.

popup4668d ago

Afterall, its not like anyone can mute the music on the PS3 version and play a cd player or ipod for the music. Better still, you could buy a mixer and use an Xbox360 to play music while you play the PS3 version.

007craft4668d ago

Thats not how custom soundtracks work. With the 360, a custom soundtrack will replace in game music with your music while maintaining the sound effects of the game. You can also adjust the volume levels to balance it out.

I hardly ever use the feature but I do in burnout games, as well as sports games and when im going for achievments on a multiple playthrough of a game ill turn my own music on.

I would get a 360 version because 360 has friends list and achievments. sure ps3 has these too, but their per game. Who cares if achievements are o0n a per game basis. They have had those since collecting hearts for zelda back on nes. Unless you have a system wide gamercard that remains with you, the second you shut that game off the achievments dont exsist. People can see that I got all burnout revenge achievements. Who the hell can see your ps3 burnout paradise achievements next year? For this reason, sony still does not have achievements.

I also cant stand that sony controller. If only the control stick was swapped with the directional pad it would be much better.

deffenitly buy the 360 version. Looks better on the ps3? I doubt it. They say this and that game look better on the ps3/xbox. I call bs on all of it. All looks the same to me (well different but not in a worse way). Its almost like looking at a tv with the colour set a certain way. Unless somebody tells you that your watching it wrong, you have no idea.

popup4667d ago (Edited 4667d ago )

For example,

I have all three consoles and a gaming PC going into a 12 track mixer and can have any combination of sound/video I wish. My PC can play my entire playlist and I can kill the in-game music on say the PS3 while keeping the sound effects and balance it with the PC before heading out to the amp. Once the levels are set, you rarely have to change them. In this guise, it is the same thing but more flexible.

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