Spector: "I want secret Deus Ex 3 beta versions"

Deus Ex creator Warren Spector's so keen to get his hands on Deus Ex 3 he wants Eidos to surreptitiously slip him pre-release versions.

"I hope they do it right and send me beta versions without telling anybody, and I won't tell anybody at Disney", Spector has told Edge magazine.

Now at Junction Point Studios, which is owned by Disney, Spector's previously said he's sure Eidos will do a great job with Deus Ex 3. However in the Edge interview he voiced concerns and called the IP a "very delicate thing".

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Skerj4669d ago

I want him to have them too so we won't have another "Invisible War". It still won't be the first, but if they allow him to get some input it'll be awesome.

GITPWNED4668d ago

Well, since Invisible War was awesome, I'd say you're dumb. But, I know, it's cool to hate on that game. So, you're cool! Both games were great. Both different. I hope that from an aesthetic viewpoint, DX3 is more like DX2, but as for gameplay, they could lean on DX1 if they wanted, but I'd prefer it if they did another DX2, personally.

0pt1cK1ll3r4668d ago

I didn't admire Invisible War that much either, DX2 was alright in graphical means, but it felt nothing like deus ex style (in terms of gameplay) and please don't bring back universal ammo.

Skerj4668d ago

I'm not dumb for disliking Invisible War. They severely gimped it from the first, Warren said it, and the Deus Ex fans knew it. Hell it was so bad that they had to patch the PC version to take some of the consolification out of it. They took out skill points, sensible hacking, biomods sucked compared to the first, smaller areas, and the worst offender of all UNIVERSAL AMMO (another thing Spector said was a bad idea).

People still regard the first as one of the best fps/rpgs of all time, but how many will say that about IW? It's a good game, but a proper sequel to the original? Don't kid yourself.

GITPWNED4667d ago

I agree with everything that you said. I hated all of that too, but that didn't make or break the game. The gameplay, story, and atmosphere made DX2 great. The ultimate DX3 would be a mix between both previous games, I believe.

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King20084669d ago

Because i would like a secret version myself. I wonder why so many studios cloud their project in mystery and with holding the info. Do they think other company's will steal their ideas? Do they think to much info to soon will make us buyers less hype and anticipate the game less? I say as soon as we do something right or finalize anything just let us know. I mean not 2 years from completion but keep us in the loop nah'mean