Top Executives at Tomb Raider Maker SCi Leave

Dow Jones Newswires via CNN Money
January 18, 2008: 06:08 AM EST

SCi Entertainment on Friday announced the immediate departure of a trio of top executives: CEO Jane Cavanagh and two divisional managing directors, Bill Ennis and Rob Murray. The move comes a week after SCi said takeover talks had ended, and that it was strapped for funding.

Phil Rogers, who joined SCi from Electronic Arts in March as chief financial officer, will become CEO.

Malcolm Dunne, the U.S. chief financial officer, will become interim CFO, but won't be appointed to the board. SCi will look both externally and internally for a permanent CFO.

SCi will conduct a business review and is in talks to find the necessary funding to survive the delay of Tomb Raider: Underworld.

The financial problems at SCi, which counts Time Warner as a major shareholder, come at a generally positive time for the overall games industry.

[ Pictured: (Former) CEO Jane Cavanagh ]

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