SOE Director talks Everquest, Pirates of the Burning Sea and MMOs

HEXUS.gaming has an interview with John Hayase, Director of Development at Sony Online Entertainment's San Diego studio, in which he talks about MMOs, competing with WOW and the future of the studio.

"HEXUS: Many new gamers, or those not au fait, find the MMO scene not the most friendly to understand and seamless to get into, this is off putting by initial terminology and requests they do not understand. What kind of effort does Sony Online Entertainment undertake to pull in new gamers and ensure they don't find the initial experience too daunting?

John: We always try to create games that are easy to pick up and play, but offer complexity to those that desire it. As the gaming community expands, we do see the need to present our games in a way that is easy to comprehend by those that haven't played MMOs in the past. That said, EverQuest and EverQuest II are by no means casual games and do require some commitment, so it's unlikely that the game will become overly simplistic."

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KYU21304662d ago

it would be iteresting if they took an MMO like Everquest and ported it to the PS3. I know we have Warhawk. but that is more of a Massive Multiplayer Online Warfare.